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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 227

Black Fruit


We only collected usable materials from the serpent's body.
You know, inedible stuff like torn fangs, and skin. They're apparently worth a lot of money.
I couldn't store the entire thing whole in my Item Screen so I had to round slice it some.

...Considering this serpent's body was laced in toxin and all, wonder if it won't contaminate the surrounding area.

<<The toxin has started to decompose upon its death. It should be fully neutralized in a month time.>>

Guess the venom in these fangs won't see a use as equipment then.
But man that sure was one big snake. How the heck was that supposed to be 'Minimum'.

<<The next evolution line of this magic beast at over Lv90 is [Jormungandr]. The adult form of Minimum Jorumngandr, a super ultra sized beast at nearly 30 times the previous form's size. In this evolved form, its whole body continuously spews powerful toxin that persists for thousands of years. Past records indicate a huge amount of creatures will die off if the beast is left unchecked.>>

Uwah, what's with that world-ending calamity-class monster.
How'd you even deal with that. You can only despair if that thing is born. Even Demon King looks cute in comparison.
Wait, what past records? Eh, that magic beast did actually come into being once?

<<One was born around 6000 years ago in the spot known as [Forest of Toxin] today. The resulting pollution was contained to a minimum due to the local natives casting multiple Forbidden-class Spells right upon its birth after a thorough preparation.>>

...Was the poisonous land deep inside this territory also caused by the leftover toxin from this magic beast?

<<Affirmative. As the toxin dissipates and gets neutralized over a long period of time, the present day weakened concentration only pollutes plants.>>

These purplish plants are weakened toxin? Just how powerful it is at prime.
We might get stuck with another 6000 year-long disaster if we let that serpent kept growing bigger. Scary, seriously terrifying thought...
...Thinking too deep about this topic is only gonna depress me, I should stop.

My magic beast encounter rate saw a drastic drop after the serpent's defeat.
Or more like, all magic beasts that drew near me kept running away.

That serpent was probably the strongest beast around these parts and those beasts must knew I defeated it.
I didn't do it alone though. I'd have run away with Fast Travel without Alma's group.

I kept going deeper in Forest of Toxin and came to a spot with dense mana of a different signature than that of magic beasts.
Mysteriously, this area is free from contamination with lush greenery abound.

I went to where the mass of mana was and found there, a hole.
No that's wrong, it's a black hole-like fruit hanging, or maybe growing, on a tree branch.
It's so black I can't even tell its outline. A perfectly black sphere that reflects no light. Is this the mass of mana's true nature?

<<Ingredient for Complete Recovery Medicine (Elixir), Fruit [Bina] - This fruit has a property that allows its taker to comprehend [Normal State]. Properly formulated, medicine made from this fruit can restore its taker perfectly to their normal condition.>>

<<This fruit can only be obtained deep within Magic Beast Territories. The exact environment and condition to grow remains a mystery. According one theory, the trees grow by absorbing magic beasts' life force and mana and bear fruit as a crystallization of such process.>>

...So these really are the ingredient for elixir? It's pitch black.
Was afraid magic beasts would gobble them up, but guess they didn't even see them as food.
They haven't been contaminated by the toxin here, have they? Eh, it's the original coloring? Ehh.

I picked three of the fruit.
Usually I wouldn't grab everything, but not today. Good kids don't do this at home, okay.
Well, I'm told it's not like the fruit will grow into another tree if left alone anyway, and more will just pop up somewhere in this forest eventually. I'm not doing environmental destruction.

Welp, now that I'm done, let's meet up with Alma and go back to town with Fast Travel.
...Wonder if they've found the dagger yet. Reina was half-crying when I left, guess I'll go help with the search if they haven't. I mean, just use Mana Search.

"Funfufuun, funfunfuun."

We safely got back to town with Fast Travel.
Reina was humming in a good mood as we made our way to our client, Ninameria-san. Put that in the scabbard already, it's dangerous.
Her Lightning Dagger has evolved into an even stronger weapon after defeating that serpent.

There's Alma's sword, and then this dagger, Hiyoko sure seems to evolve alongside the girls' weapons. Probably just a coincidence though.
All of us leveled up after the battle.
Guess I might as well check our Stats along the way.


Lv 41

Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: High Paladin

State: Hungry (Minor), Tired (Minor)


HP (Health): 927/945
MP (Mana): 735/735
SP (Stamina): 121/494

STR (Strength): 531
ATK (Attack Power): 531 (+580)
DEF (Defense): 487 (+240) (+70)
AGI (Agility): 501 (+180)
INT (Intelligence): 554 (+300)
DEX (Dexterity): 424
PER (Perception): 530
RES (Resistance): 408
LUK (Luck): 493

Swordsmanship Lv 10
Celestial Swordsmanship Lv 1
Martial Arts Lv 10
Ultimate Martial Arts Lv 3
Throwing Lv 4
Magic Sword Lv 5
Offensive Magic Lv 10
Intermediate Offensive Magic Lv 4
Spirit Magic Lv 2
Support Magic Lv 3
Kempo Lv 3

[Master Skills]
Aura Mitigation
Double Tongued
Pointed Thrust

Lv 2 Dragon-eating Black Sword
ATK +580
INT +300

Ogre Leather Chest Armor
DEF +240

Surging Gale Boots
DEF +70
AGI +180

Magic Pearl Earrings
Auto MP Recovery

Superior Slayer
Living on the Edge
Magic Beast Killer
Magic Beast Genocider
Demon Slayer
Skill Master
First Paladin
Spirit User
1000 Wall Breaker
Beyond 2000
To the World of 3000

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Her Attributes are growing nicely balanced. Though not as unnaturally balanced as me.
She's maxed out her Swordsmanship Skill, which lets her learn the upgraded version, [Celestial Swordsmanship]. Along with two new Master Skills. Gonna ask her to show me those off later.

Her two new Titles, [Beyond 2000] and [To the World of 3000] she got from temporarily boosting her Attributes to around 3000 with Energy Control.
...[Executioner] is apparently a title given to those who have reduced a certain number of opponents' HP from max to zero in one hit. The title gives bonus exp whenever you defeat enemies in this fashion.
Sounds real dangerous, I've got it too though.

Next up, Reina.


Lv 32

Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Poison Flower Kunoichi

State: Hungry, Tired (Minor)


HP (Health): 509/509
MP (Mana): 297/445
SP (Stamina): 23/299

STR (Strength): 304
ATK (Attack Power): 304 (+330)
DEF (Defense): 289 (+240) (+50)
AGI (Agility): 462 (+60)
INT (Intelligence): 241
DEX (Dexterity): 401
PER (Perception): 420
RES (Resistance): 306
LUK (Luck): 398

Dagger Arts Lv 9
Martial Arts Lv 8
Stealth Lv 9
Ninjutsu Lv 5
Throwing Lv 7
Kempo Lv 2
Traps Lv 1

Lv 2 Thunderclap Dagger [Raiko]
ATK +325

Ogre Leather Black Garb
DEF +240

Shadow Tabi
DEF +50
AGI +60

Superior Slayer
Living on the Edge
Magic Beast Killer
1000 Wall Breaker
Beyond 2000
To the World of 3000

Her Dagger Arts and Stealth are nearing max level.
Wonder what kind of Master Skills will she get. Can't wait.

The evolved version of Lightning Tiger Dagger has almost twice the attack power of the unevolved.
That's already amazing in itself, yet the new ability is something else.

It's still got Lightning elemental supplementary damage and another ability that powers up its lightning damage on the next attack if you cast lightning elemental spells on the blade.
This is dangerous. Way dangerous.

It's possible to cast multiple lightning spells to further raise its ATK, up to the weapon's attack power. So say you cast three lightning spells with 200 attack power, the next attack will have +600 attack bonus.
With prior preps, she can literally unleash a strike at four digit number even before Energy Control added to the mix.
...Reina might become our party's most powerful one-hitter in the future. She's quick and high powered, way too cheat-y.

And then, Hiyoko


Magic Beast: Silver Cock

Lv 31

State: Very Hungry, Tamed (Kajikawa Hikaru)


HP (Health): 518/518
MP (Mana): 353/353
SP (Stamina): 14/293

STR (Strength): 388
ATK (Attack Power): 388
DEF (Defense): 323
AGI (Agility): 419
INT (Intelligence): 163
DEX (Dexterity): 197
PER (Perception): 370
RES (Resistance): 184
LUK (Luck): 261

Magic Beast Lv 4
Claw Arts Lv 10
Sharp Claw Arts Lv 1
Fang Arts Lv 9
Martial Arts Lv 8
Kempo Lv 1
Throwing Lv 1

[Master Skills]
Drain Claw

Superior Slayer
Living on the Edge
Magic Beast Killer
Ally of Humanity
Gourmand Magic Beast
1000 Wall Breaker
Beyond 2000
To the World of 3000

Claws Art is at max level already, earning Hiyoko Piercing Claw Arts. Its Skills sure level up fast.
That's a different Master Skill from Platinum Chicken. Must be absorption related considering the name, no?

<<[Drain Claw] One possible Master Skills obtainable after raising Claw Arts to Lv10. An always active Passive Skill that absorbs mana from targets hit by Claw Arts and Piercing Claw Arts Skills. Absorbed MP cannot go over Maximum MP.>>

Mastering this would let Hiyoko uses Skills without worry of MP depletion.
That's some growth spurt, Hiyoko is finally becoming a proper combat member in our party.

...Now, how does mine look I wonder.

Kajikawa Hikaru

Lv 47

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: ERROR (Unclassifiable)

State: Hungry, Tired (Minor)


HP (Health): 1430/1430
MP (Mana): 865/965
SP (Stamina): 18/602

STR (Strength): 1151
ATK (Attack Power): 1151 (+????)
DEF (Defense): 1143 (+240)
AGI (Agility): 1142
INT (Intelligence): 1148
DEX (Dexterity): 1165
PER (Perception): 1170
RES (Resistance): 1127
LUK (Luck): 1127


Superior Slayer
Magic Beast Killer
Magic Beast Genocider
Demon Slayer
Miraculous Healer
Embodiment of Terror
Great King of Terror
Defier of Nature's Order
Overcomer of Death
1000 Wall Breaker
Beyond 2000
To the World of 3000
Across 4000 Seas
Disciple of Fierce Ogre
Brave Preemptive Stopper of Final Catastrophe

Nameless Great Hammer (Enchanted, Contains Explosive Mechanism)
ATK +????

Ogre Leather Chest Armor
DEF +240

I can't even be bothered to come up with a reaction. Breaking four digits for all my Attributes is such a sight to behold.

All the effort from working out with Mana Gypsum is finally bearing fruit on my STR too.
Perception being higher than the rest is probably the result of me desperately trying to observe and perceive Oni-sensei's attacks.

Nameless Great Hammer must be referring to True Explosomething hammer. It's got no exact number since I can explosively raise it at will.
Julian and I've decided to rename the hammer to [Dragon Buster] once it's been used to slay a dragon.
It's kinda whatever, but also something that's gotta be done.

...By the way I'm seeing some unfamiliar new Titles like Great King and Disciple of Fierce Ogre. Who're you calling Great King of Terror. This system sure is doing whatever the hell it wants.
The last one [Brave Preemptive Stopper of Final Catastrophe] probably comes from defeating that snake, I'm guessing?

<<A Title conferred to one who defeated a magic beast that may eventually end the world if left unchecked. In case it was done by a group, the most prominent achiever receives the title. One of Titles required for Hero's Job Change.>>

Uh, does the hero even have the time to defeat that kind of monsters?
Wait, I didn't know Hero Job can be upgraded too. Wonder what kind of Job will he get after a Job Change.

Result-wise, not only do we get the ingredient for elixir, we've also got loads of exp and the big snake's mats. A huge haul if I may.
Now then, let's see if our client is willing to make spare elixirs for us after handing the ingredient over.
...Medicine made from that fruit huh. I can just imagine it'll look like black ink...






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