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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 483

483 You Looking Down?


"Who are you? I'll have to rough you up if you're going to get in our way. Step aside if you know what's good for you."

"No no, didn't you hear me? You guys are the ones in the wrong here. This Griffon is my problem."

"Oy, what're you spouting now? This is going nowhere. We'll force our way in."

"I'm saying the chief has personally requested my assistance to do something about the griffon. What you're trying to pull is a hindrance to me. Get it?"

Every single person here had a 'Whaat?' look on their face.
The first who complained was one of the employees.

"What are you going on about!? There's no way a brat like you can deal with a griffon! Knock it off! You're just an outsider!"

Seems like the mercs and employees are in agreement on that point. The leader even stopped moving.

"This is laughable! Were you trying to test strength to see who's better at the griffon slaying job? Ahahaha! What a riot!"

Nobody believes me. All except one who gave her blessing.

"He's telling the truth. I have given him the permission. He will take care of the griffon so you guys can head back."

Both the employees and the mercenaries looked surprised at this revelation.
They must think I made it up on the spot just to stop the merc leader.
But it's another matter entirely if it's the truth, or a way to buy time.

"Oy, are you for real? You looking down on us?"

The leader is getting mad. But I nonchalantly brushed off his threatening attitude.

"I am. Why wouldn't I look down on mercenaries who can't be reasoned with? You're untrustworthy. I can tell you're hellbent on going in, but what's in it for you anyway? All of your mercenaries friends looked surprised, except you. As their leader, you should have discussed this among yourselves before you got here. It's easy to infer from this fact, you're plotting something. Am I right? Are you?"

The leader denied immediately.
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"Oy, that's balderdash. I just don't want our source of income to get away."

"Oho? That should be a topic you discuss with your client. We're unrelated parties here. That's your mistake. That must be the biggest reason you're trying to get in this site. Stuff like your payment, or how to deal with griffon should start with your client coming here and making a deal with the chief here. You won't get inside unless you bring them here."

The leader stopped moving. He kept quiet while glaring at me in rage.

"...Oy, you said it, yeah? You're asking if we're strong enough to kill the griffon. Right?"

"Ah, yeah I sure did and? This whole extermination thing is null and void if you guys lose to me. You're only going to damage the site needlessly. You're useless, so to speak."

The mercs got mad at that of course. But they kept quiet.
The silence lasted only for several seconds before they exploded in anger.

"I ain't letting that slide, you brat. Let's get him!"
"We ain't gone through so much hell just for you brat to sneer on! Useless? Cut the crap!"
"You've no right to say that to our face! I'll make you regret it!"
"A kid ignorance in the way of the world huh? Ain't no way we're just gonna back empty handed now!"
"We'll let you keep your life at least. But there will be lasting scars you lament for a lifetime."
"Ou, did ya know? There ain't no swallowing back your spit. Get it. People smarter than you thought that up. It's too late for you though."

The mercenaries are all eager to beat me up.
I could only say 'My condolence' to their reaction. Wordlessly.
The leader asked when he saw me staying silent.

"We're allowed to get in if I crush you, yeah? That's what you said. That's the condition you brought to me. Meaning I just gotta smash you good."

The leader immediately drew his sword and slashed me. He's a merc after all, there's no need for signal to start or anything. They're willing to resort to anything if it's to complete their goal.

He was fast, but not quite enough to make me miss his moves.
It might be proof of him underestimating me but I won't allow him to use it as an excuse.
They're in a line of work where a 'what if' amounts to nothing. These guys must be aware of that fact more than anyone.
Hence, I got into Acceleration State and poked his shoulder.





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