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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 484

484 Showing Off After All


Naturally the result was the same as ever after I undid Acceleration.
The merc leader got toppled over and fell hard on his back.
He couldn't soften the landing and had the air in his lungs forcibly taken out.
He rolled around while groaning in agony unable to faint.

"That should show you the gap in powers. Anyone who can tell how I toppled him over, raise your hand please."

I was being a bully here. Because everyone here must see it as the leader made a bad somersault on his own.

I took my katana out of magic bag amidst zero raised hands.

"Well then, my dear mercenaries fellas. I don't mind taking you all at once if you still want to have a go. I believe you understand the risk that comes with it, however."

All the mercenaries stayed still seeming unable to process what was going on.
The same goes for the workers and Chief Raie.
They all had their eyes open wide with their mouth shut.

"H-huh? T-this is getting awkward. Don't let me monopolize all the talking now, you hear me?"

One of the workers finally came to himself, 'Ha?'

"...I remember now. These mercs are the [Old Wolf]! Their leader is famed for... Eh? How did you knock him off his feet?"
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Looks like he's still confused. Apparently this mercenaries group is known as [Old Wolf]. Way late.
Next up, Chief Raie recovered and threatened the mercs.

"You saw that, didn't you? This is reality. Off you men go now. Or are you still going to persist?"

"...Oy, not yet... I haven't lost yet..."

The leader denied Chief Raie with a pained voice. All while pitifully lying on the ground.
However, his words were enough to rally some mercenaries to draw their swords.

"Fools, the lot of you. You can't even understand what happened, charging in is asking for death."

I drew and thrust my katana before the still lying merc leader's throat.
I thought this would calm down the mercenaries. But it had the opposite effect instead.

"Bastard! Get your hands off him! I dare you leave even a scratch! I'mma track you down to the end of the world!"

One of the mercs declared that. His call motivated the other mercs. They look like they're going to jump me anytime now.
Nobody did though since they're aware their leader's life rests in my hands. They're sane enough to realize that at least.

"Hey, can't you do something about this? Like, admit your defeat something?"

"Hah, go ahead and cut me down. These guys are gonna hound you to death if you kill me."

"You're pretty popular, aren't you. Okay okay, I'll put my katana away."

Thus I did. The leader got up on unsteady feet and spat out these words.

"Just you wait... We're retreating now. But you've wounded our pride, we'll never back down. We'll get you back on this."

"You think you're in the position to spout all that crap? Right yeah... It's a pain to deal with the aftermath, I might as well show you all the gaps between our powers right here and now."

"Oy, what do you mean?"

"Attention! Please! You mercs seem to love obsessing over this 'Pride' thing so I'll go ahead and smash it to smithereens for you! Well then, gentlemen! Take up your arms!"

The still motivated mercenaries took up stance all at once. Their anger is solely directed at me.
Not even a moment later however, they're all lying sprawled on the ground.





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