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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 214

Aren't They Enough For This


Bang, bang, sounds of something hitting the ship hard resounded alongside a shaking each time.
The shark magic beasts encircling the ship are hurling themselves at the ship.

"O-oy, things ain't looking hot! The ship's gonna turn full of holes!"

"This ship's underside has been made especially sturdy but it's not gonna last if this keeps up! We gotta fight back!"

"Dear passengers, are any of you of Combat Job!? Please lend us your strength!"

Don't phrase it like you're looking for a doctor.
Aah~, this is becoming quite a ruckus. I suppose it's inevitable when the whole thing looks like a scene in a disaster movie.

"For the time being, wanna try shooting them from a range with magic?"

"...The sea surface is surprisingly far from here. I might not hit."

Alma buffed Stone Bullets by making them spin and shot at the sharks while saying that.
However, just as she predicted, the sharks easily dodged her spell.

"Hm, how about shooting from a window below the deck?"

"That will take too long. I'll get close and finish them quickly."

"Eh? ...O-oy Alma!?"


Once she confirmed her ranged attacks weren't hitting, Alma suddenly jumped off the deck.
Ah, hey! Hold your horses, Alma-san! Stop! Argh no, I'm too late!
Fighting marine-based magic beasts in the water is way too reckless! These things are all nearly Lv40, you know!? It's suicidal!

"【Grand Blade】."

Alma's black sword turned many times bigger as she fell.
She then kept swinging it around, mowing down several shark beasts in the process.
The problem would come after she splashed down. She's gonna get minced up by the sharks underwater if she does nothing!

I was preparing to rescue Alma with Mana Flight before it came to that.
But then, something odd happened instead.

Once Alma touched down the water surface, she started sprinting like she was on hard ground.

...Wha? Eh, what's going on.
Is she water walking by rapidly alternating taking a step forward with her legs before the other leg sinks down? There ain't no way. What about gravity.

<<Nay. Through the use of Spirit Magic Skill Lv2 [Mini Nymph], Almatina has summoned and commandeered water elemental spirits to keep her from sinking by feeding them mana.>>

...Ah! Right, her Spirit Magic Skill is Lv2 now. The new spirits she can summon are water elemental huh.
I guess that should let her fight like she's on solid ground... I'm not one to speak, but she's really extraordinary.
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"She's running on the water..."

"I-it's incredible. Had no idea Spirit Magic lets you do that."

"I'm heading off too!"

"Eh, o-oy! But you can't use Spirit Magic!?"

"It's fine!"

What is!? Are you confident in your swimming skill or something? That's still way too reckless against these sea beasts!
Despite my warning, Reina dived down. As expected of a Foolhardy. Jumping before thinking!
...Wait, what is it now? There's board-like gimmicks attached on Reina's soles, when did that happen? What are those things?

<<Those are gear projected by Ninjutsu Skill [Ninja Gear Projection], [Water Spider]. This Ninja gear allows one to slide on water surface, the usage of Mana Control affords an even bigger freedom.>>

...Our party's girls might fit in as women of the sea. Though they're not exactly swimming there.
Both Alma and Reina easily got rid of the shark magic beasts. They're deploying [Extended Mana Blade], [Mana Blade Farslash] as well as offensive spells to eliminate the sharks underwater without issues.
...Am I even needed here? These two are more than enough, aren't they.

<<...The three large magic beasts giving commands from a distance are above Level 50. Presently, Almatina as well as Reinamiure may have a hard time against them.>>

Ah right there's still three big ones left. Those whale like things.
Think they're around 15 meter long? Most attacks aside from Alma's Grand Blade aren't gonna work well on something that gigantic.
But then she'd risk running low on mana like that time with worm and sinking.


"Well dang, those ladies are pretty good. Can't let these younglings do all the work, I'mma take on those big guys!"

Someone spoke next to me.

Looking in the direction, I saw a slightly brawny tall woman with red long wavy hair and healthy-looking tan, staring down the whale magic beasts while shouldering a huge axe.

...When did she get there. I mean, she sure got some incredible mana and life force. She's even stronger than the long blond young man from that Anti-Demon Army unit.
I took a peek at her Status, Lv64. Age 30... Excuse me. Her base Strength alone is above 1100.
Her Agility and Intelligence are less than half, but all other Attributes are nearly at 1000.
What's up with this true blue fighter. She's among the top five strongest humans I've ever come across to.

Her axe has +650 ATK and is enchanted with +400 Agility to complement her weak point.

The woman's name is [Hyumlassa]. Judging from all the magic beasts in her Kill Log, she should be a Rank A adventurer that's about to be promoted to Rank S. I had no idea this woman was among the passengers.

"Here I gooo! Been a while since I last tasted whale meat, can't wait!"

She used a combination of air walking ability [Air Step] and [Quick Step] to zero in on the whales in no time.
She's fast. Can't believe that's just from Quick Step, not Ground Shrink. The Attribute from her equipment may have helped but I'm impressed she managed to move that fast without Mana and Energy Control.

While I was staring in wonder, the whales shot out water sprays, no, water bullets at the red-haired woman.
Not just bullets. There were also laser-like compressed water and blades of water flying toward her. What is this, STG?
Is she gonna be alright. Won't she get shot down?

"Hahahaha! Those ain't nowhere near enough, you blockheads!"

The redhead swung her axe while fearlessly laughing out loud.
The barrage of water got slashed down in just one swing of her axe. My goodness, scary.

"You're first!!"

She spun around as she crashed down on one of the whales.
The whales kept shooting more water her way but all of their attacks got erased by the spinning axe, leaving her unscathed.

One whale got cut in two just like that in the meantime.
She must have expanded her range with Extended Mana Blade the moment her axe hit the whale. No wonder even that big thing got sliced up real nicely.
This woman is incredible. You can really tell she's well adapted to combat with how smoothly and effortlessly she fights. The very picture of a veteran.

"Who's up neeext? Those with a death wish, come at me!"

Scary. She's a battle maniac. Even the whales look like they're faltering.
She should do just fine on her own. Welp, time to collect some shark fins, I mean shark bodies below.

...Huh? Wait, I'm really not needed here, am I? She's more than capable enough by herself.





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