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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 173

Thank You for Your Everlasting Patronage


Afterward, I didn't have the courage to keep frolicking around in the middle of the street.
Onward to the fluffy bed at the inn.

"Kufufufu...! Curious, truly a curious man you are...!"

"Kajikawa-san he's sticking real close behind you..."


Alma is unusually showing her fear at the muttering Julian, but I'm the most terrified here. He's been staring hole on my back all this time.
It was rash of me to test that weapon out right there and then...

"My workshop blew up, as such it's only natural for me to find an inn to stay, is it not? There is nothing weird about this at all."

"And what about the fact that you're staring dagger at me?"

"Fuhaha! Worry not, it's all due to all the oddities in your wielding of my weapon! ...I shall follow you around until you are willing to let me in on the secret, I shall have you know fufufufu..."

"You're scaring me! Go away!"

"Oho, are you sure? Aren't you interested in my artistic weapons? Sever our relationship here and you may never grip my weapons again in this life."


The chill I felt slipped that tone out of me.
Dangit, this man is undoubtedly bad news but his weapons fit like gloves for me. Makes it all the more annoying.

"...Can we talk this over dinner. We just got back from a magic beast culling session. We need refreshments."

"I do not mind. Ah, I would like meat dishes for today's dinner. My body hasn't been feeling great lately, may be because I've only been consuming minimal intake. I would love a hearty meal for once."

"...Why are you acting like you'll naturally eat with us."

"Fuhaha, tell you what, my fund is running dangerously low I only have enough for an inn room. I'm pretty much penniless if you do not buy my weapons. And of course I've nothing for today's dinner either!"

"Don't sound so proud when you say that!"

This guy really marches to his own beat. I'll mix in Lightning Pepper on his share.
...Well, I don't mind adding one or two portions, won't make much a difference.

We went back to our inn, checked in and straight to the kitchen.
I feel around 30% hungrier than usual, likely due to that close call of a fight.
Even my State shows 'Hunger (Large)', I'll go for volume for today's dinner.
And no, it's not due to Julian's request, I'm going with hamburg stew today.

So yeah, it's in-mind cooking time.
I minced Rock Onion, melted butter on a frying pan and stir fried them together.
Once the onion turned brown and lost half of its volume, I put it on a plate. I took a shortcut by cooling it with a slight cold wave using mana.

I mixed half of the cooled onion with magic beast minced meat, salt, pepper, breadcrumb and eggs.
I had two types of magic beast meat prepared; cow and pig. Might be interesting to compare them.
Thanks to vinyl-like gloves made from jellyfish magic beast, I don't have to worry about hygiene.

I scooped a handful of meat, and slapped them around on my palm. Like a beanbag?
I melted butter on a frying pan again and put the finished meat patty on it, making sure both sides were nicely charred.

Once the surfaces were charred enough, I took it off the pan and put in mushroom-like ingredient on the pan.
While it was being cooked, I mixed water, wheat flour, ketchup, pre-made sauce for pork cutlet, and consomme in a bowl.
Then I put half of the fried rock onion and mushroom in the finished sauce and poured it on the cooked meat patty.

And then, I simmered them together in a lidded pan for about 20 minutes on low heat.
Unlike gas stoves, you gotta regulate the heat yourself so I have to watch over it carefully. It's easier if I just convert mana into heat energy, but I shouldn't rely too much on that.

Lastly, I re-poured the sauce I cooked together on the meat, and done.
Rather than hamburg, this feels more like American-style steak? Whatever though.

I added sunny-side eggs, fresh vegetable salad, premade cream stew and aro rice as the finisher.

"It's done. This one's Mountain Bull meat, this one's Grand Pig's, let's compare them, could be fun."

"There's so much... Wonder if I can finish them all..."

"Uhaa, that's a whole lotsa food! I'm so famished I can't wait to dig in!"

『Pipi! Pipi!』

"Hohho, this feast is not unlike what you find in a high class restaurant! ...You cannot be saying that you have been enjoying such a banquet every single day?"

It took a bit more time than usual but I wasn't really going for a feast. It's the result of prioritizing volume and hunger-staving.
I think the taste is alright though, let's see.

"Let's dig in."



He joined hands together before having meal too, I see guy's got solid manners.

"Muhwo! What an explosion of flavors! This density from the sauce twining with the juicy meat, truly a supreme delight!"

What is he, a gourmet reporter?
Watching his reaction makes me hungry. I should chow down too.

"Yup yup, the insides got cooked well too. Thankfully it didn't turn out half-baked."

"It's the same sauce yet each of these tastes different due to the meat. They're both really good."

"Om nom, nom, it's so chewy for a minced meat, the flavor bursts with every bite, nom om, nom!"


"Ah my bad, may I have seconds of aro rice? It tastes so wonderfully excellent, my plate was empty before I could realize."

Man you sure ate a lot Julian! Have some moderation will you!
But I'm honestly happy with the praise. Thank you, you can eat as much as you want.
...I'm so easy to please.

We all cleaned our plates in around 10 minutes, thanks to the hunger from today's culling.
Alma's pace never slowed down despite her initial worry.
You're still young, you gotta eat a lot while you can. The older you are the harder it gets to eat meat.
Eh, that doesn't sound convincing from someone who wolfed down kilograms of meat during the hunting fest? ...It's safe, I'm still young. Later half of 20s is still young, I tell you!

"You may place the tableware in the sink. I shall undertake the task of washing them."

"Eh, I'll do it myself."

"Just do it! It would be my greatest shame to give back nothing after being treated to such a grand feast! Please I beg of you let me waash!"

"Okay! Okay, I get it, so pipe down!"
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People around turned their gazes here thanks to Julian making a ruckus, so embarrassing.
He's surprisingly prim and proper but guy lacks self-awareness, or rather he can't read the room...

Once we were done with our meal, we gathered in my room to assess today's performance, or rather for a chat.
Normally, we'd talk about trivial stuff like what's for breakfast tomorrow, but we've got a special odd man out guest today.

"Now that we have our fill, I have a mountain of questions just for you!"

"Why are you acting like you're part of the group again."

"Fuhaha! ...I'll be straight with you. Never in my life did I imagine anyone could wield my weapon in such manners. I've designed it so that the colorless mana stone installed within is completely used up after one explosion, chain explosions are not supposed to be possible."

His tone went from comedic to serious all of a sudden as he asked that.

"If you wish to wield my weapons, I would like to know about you first of all. I cannot create weapons for someone enshrouded in mystery... If you are unwilling to, I must ask you to give up on my creations. My weapons are two-edged blades, they may very well endanger its wielder without proper cautions."

"...I don't mind telling you if you can promise you won't tell anyone but disclosing this stuff to someone we just met is honestly too dangerous."

"I see... I had no idea direct control of mana was such a dangerous technique. Understandable as it is."

Oy oy, this guy got that far just from watching me wield that exsomethingsomething!?

"Fu, fuhahaha!! That look on your face! To think my random hypothesis was right on mark! What an exceedingly simple to read reaction hahaha!"


D-dangit!! He set me up!
He put on a high energy charade to drop my guard, what a cheat!

"Be at ease, I shall not publicize anything you wish to keep secret... After all, we are in for a long haul. Divulging my client's secret would be a breach of trust, don't you agree?"

"Wha? Client? Long haul..."

"Don't you get it? I am to be your personal weapon artist."

What is this guy saying? Like really, what!

"I am a possessor of Appraisal Skill as well. I had helped myself to your Status, and indeed. You cannot obtain Skills, can you? Instead, you are able to directly manipulate mana itself. You're a ball of absurdity yourself aren't you fuhaha!"

"Oy, what do you think you're doing without permission!"

"Am I correct to presume you are incapable of perfectly wielding weapons without Skills? Are you perhaps having trouble finding a weapon that fits you?"

Wait a minute, he's leaping through so many topics, I can't follow.
What is this guy trying to say anyway?

"You cannot wield ordinary weapons. Meanwhile, no ordinary man can wield my weapons. We are both contorted pieces... But that may be precisely why we fit for one another, don't you think?"

"What's your basis on..."

"Your act of wielding my weapon earlier! I have never seen anybody looking so alive swinging my weapon around! Nay, the way you wielded it goes beyond my wildest expectations! I am fully convinced! My weapons are made to be wielded by you!"

Julian raised both his hands high up, eyes open wide. Who is this pervert.
Then he turned his neck and stared right at me. Super scary. Or rather, disgusting.

"So there you have it, I thank you for your everlasting patronage, my customer."

"Quit barreling this conversation ahead on your own!"

...What do I do. This guy is absolutely going to keep shadowing me. How'd it come to this.
I don't think he's gonna listen to persuasions either.

"...But, looking back, he really looked like he was having the time of his life."

"Yep, super into that thing."


...Well, um yeah, it was quite an interesting weapon for sure.
Do I really have to keep associating with this guy from now on? ...Makes me feel uneasy, on the other hand, I'm curious about other weapons he's got... What do.






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