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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 446

446 Shouldn't Be Cut, Can't Have Been Cut


I slowly walk up. All while observing chief warrior's stance. The way he's holding his sword is exquisite. You can tell he's honed it to perfection over many years.

I strike the wooden sword he's holding with mine.
But there was no feedback. It did hit. I didn't miss.
Yet there's no force transferred to me. I know this sensation.

(Oh man... These are wooden swords right? They may have an iron core inside but another wooden sword shouldn't have been able to cut it.)

My eyes popped open at this new surprise. Chief warrior's wooden sword has been sliced in two.
The blade of these wooden swords are not dull. Yet there's no way they could have cut anything.
But apparently Accelerated State made it possible. I was initially only planning to hit his sword with mine and make chief warrior drop his.
Not at all to cut it. I mean, they're wood. Didn't think it could cut. It's only normal, common sense, law of nature.

(And yet this power of mine just ignored that entirely...)

No use crying over spilled milk. So I reconsidered.
I did tell them about service.
Therefore, the chairman must think of this as part of the show.
I'm the only person fighting this guy here, he should connect the dots.
I'm sure he'll be fine with just results.

(But just to be safe, I'll strike a pose like I just swung a sword before undoing Acceleration. That should help make it easy to understand.)

Some people sometimes won't believe. They can't accept reality.
Neither the chairman or chief warrior seem to be that type, but there's no harm in showing them this pose to ease them.
Would smooth over this conversation and help them understand what happens.
Even if they don't perceive the process that nets the end result. And so I undid Acceleration.

"Guga!" chief warrior suddenly groaned as he let go of his wooden sword.
Looks like the impact generated by the sword getting cut was quite huge, it hurt his hands.
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(Ah, like always, I've no clue how to regulate this power. His hands, looks painful.)

I could tell he's exerting his entire body. Chief warrior keeps staring at his trembling hands in front of his chest.
On the other hand, seeing that the chairman was surprised at first then he let out a 'wha?' and put on a dumbfounded look when he saw the sliced wooden sword.

Then both of them turned to look at me and popped their eyes wide open.
Seeing me with this pose must be unbelievable to them.
I slowly relaxed my stance and spoke.

"You said you wanted to see my power, yeah? Is this good enough?"

They were apparently so in shock they never gave me a reply even after a minute.





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