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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 178

Stop It No More


"Once this drill spear is lodged in a target, the load on your hands becomes way too much. If your Attributes' too low, your spear arm's gonna get twisted up real bad, this stuff is more damaging to the wielder than the target."

"Umumu, I suppose I cannot just copy mining magic tool. And yet, the spear shaft cannot be made any heavier than that."

"This chainsaw-like sword's gonna break off in no time if you don't thicken the bladed part. I get that it's a way to raise power outside Mana Blade though."

"Thicken the blades you say! Umu, I shall test it at once!"

Hi hello there, I'm currently brainstorming with Julian on points that can be improved with his creations.
I'm not actually thrilled to use these ominous weapons, but I mean there's a first to everything after all, I've got no choice here hahahaha.

"...The two of them are having the time of their life."

"...At the end of the day, they're birds of the same feather after all."


I can feel gazes staring holes on my back, but these weird weapons are simply men's romance.
Might be a bit hard to understand for girls. No need to either way.
I don't get woman's fashion either.

I tried a variety of other weapons as well, and either I'm just imagining it or there's several weapons that look like the stuff I reproduced using Mana Control here and there.
Might be just a coincidence in search of an effective way to increase damage though.

"What is this stake-like weapon?"

"Umu, that uses a similar principle with Explosion Buster, in fact I made that one earlier. Through the use of a fire mana ore-powered explosion engine, this weapon strikes a pile out! I call it--"

"It's a Pile Bunker! You even went and made this thing!?"

"Umu, indeed, it's Pile Bunker! ...Oho?"

Julian looks puzzled after I blurted out the name before him.

"H-how do you know about this weapon's name? I was under the impression that nobody else besides me should know."

"E-err, you know, it's from a diary, left behind by a past hero? I took a glance of something like that and saw a weapon that looked like this."

I spouted random lie to gloss it over.
...But that was a bad move.

"My goodness!? To think that there was another relic akin to our family heirloom, Hero's Notes, somewhere out there!"

Hero's Notes? Heirloom?
...Wait a minute, I've got a bad feeling about this.
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"You mean something like a notebook left by a past hero?"

"Umu! I've nothing to hide, most of my artistic weaponry were made by referencing blueprints left by this past hero!"

"Blueprints... Eh, you're saying a hero came up with all these weapons?"

"Yes. I took the liberty of secretly reading our family heirloom the Hero's Notes before I came of age. The moment these weapons and the new potentials they carry beyond Skills caught my eyes, I felt my sense of value changing forever. It was such a refreshingly novel shocking jolt!"

"Can you show me those notes?"

"Do you mind transcripts? The original is my family heirloom, as I've chosen not to inherit the household I bear no right to it."

Household huh. He gave up a duchy house and went on to open a weapon store didn't he? Wonder what his parents think about this.
Oh, I thought the transcripts were gonna be some loose papers, he made a nice binder out of them. Lemme see.


T h i s i s h o r r i b l e

U, uwaa, uwaaaa....
...Yup. The weapon blueprints themselves are all well thought out. The internal structures and mechanisms are so well made you wouldn't think this was penned by an amateur, a craftsman could make these drawings into reality with some adjustments.
But the comments on these weapons written in Japanese are way too much. What, what do you mean Heavenpiercing Drill. What, what even is a Godslaying Chainshaw.
This is, you know. Notebook from a dark history.

"They have words written in the hero's native language I cannot decipher, yet such roadblock is not enough to dispel the sheer wonderfulness of it all! My only wish is to meet him in person..."

Stop it. No more.
These notes are unlikely written with serious thoughts, but more like a form of escapism in between the constant days of battles this hero had to endure.
A dark history notebook written as a pastime gets turned into a family heirloom of a noble house, hell. What is this, a public execution. Shame play?
The person in question likely wants nothing more than to burn the thing down without even sparing a look...

Heck, thanks to these notes, the life of a young man, Julian strayed away from his noble lineage path.
Who's the stupid hero who left this thing! Err, the author is 'Souma Ryuta'. Julian's future is going astray thanks to you. Heck it already is.

"I see, perhaps the reason you have such a good compatibility with my weapons is because you have partial knowledge on hero-designed weapons! Truly the whim of fate works in mysterious ways! Fuhaha."


...Well, guess it's okay since he looks happy about it.

"Fufufu, I give you my thanks for your enriching opinions. It has been quite a productive moment for me. I shall adopt this result into my weapon creation endeavor from now on!"

"...You're welcome."

"...By the way, I need to consult something pertaining the creation of your order, True Explosion Buster, do you have a moment?"

Julian's expression clouded a bit as he brought it up... Did the hero think that name up too.
What's wrong, did he hit a snag or something?

"I was planning to use materials from a powerful magic beast for the hammer head, however, I am unable to find one sturdy enough to withstand repeated explosions on the town's market. Body parts of a Rank A magic beast or over that at the very least would be desirable..."

"Hm? Isn't this town an industrial town, you should find one if you look harder."

"Regarding that, I take it you're aware that demons in many places have been becoming more active carrying out destructive acts due to the birth of Demon King? Most high ranking materials have been bought en masse by the military in order to cope with that. Only materials from Rank B-C or lower beasts are left in all the stores I visited. They thankfully didn't bought up all the mithril and adamantite here seeing as those are the lifeline of this industrial town."

"...Are you for real."

I tried using Map Screen to find materials usable for the hammer head and found no hit.
What do, compromising here and using a lesser material is just gonna result in a soon to be broken hammer, yet other towns probably face similar shortages.
Should I use materials from Monster Mountains' beasts? But our current party can only deal with lesser Rank A beasts at best, and I don't want to push ourselves too hard.
What do really... Hm? What's up Menu-san?

<<Recommending conquering a dungeon adjacent to this Industrial Town.>>

Eh? But why?

<<Reward Items from dungeon conquests occasionally include materials usable in equipment production. The items are chosen at random as such it's not a guarantee, however it is currently the safest and quickest option available.>>

I see. Right, I've heard about the existence of a conquered dungeon near this town.
It's not a bad idea to try delving in one, might as well go for it.

<<However, one may encounter a magic beast at upper Lv50 on the lowest floor of this dungeon, preparation is in order.>>

I think I can handle upper Lv50 just fine. Can always run at worst.
Welp, guess we're going dungeon delving in a few days. Not gonna go straight for the lowest floor on day one though.
...Hope I could get my hands on vanilla seeds again.






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