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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 443

443 Take Up Offer


I'm off the rope. All that's left is for me to say what needed to be said and leave.

"I've got two more letters. Both are from the missing ladies. Could you pass them to their fathers, Sir Lolengus? They'd just drive me off if I go deliver myself like what happened here."

Now that the guards are no longer here, I drop my polite speech. No need to be formal anymore. I'm done here. There's no point in fussing over my language if I'm leaving soon anyway.
I fetched their letters and handed them to the butler.

"Aye, very well. That will be done. Also, I must express my gratitude for saving my daughter."

I told the bowing Sir Lolengus.

"First of all, don't misunderstand. I only saved her by chances. It wasn't done for your sake nor Miss Linda's. It's for mine. The reason is simple. I just didn't want to look the other way and feel bad later on. So you don't need to thank me. I mean it was just a whim of mine. Nothing noble. Raise your head. There's no reason to lower it. Aren't you a bigwig? You can't readily lower your head to someone of a doubtful origin like me."

I feel like I said something similar to an imperial princess before.
But Sir Lolengus replied back in a templated way as well here.

"That does not change the fact that you have rescued my daughter. You have my sincerest gratitude. I bow my head as a father. It matters not to whom I do. Nobody else is here anyway."

Sir Lolengus raised his head to reveal a relieved look.

"Hmp. That's all from me. I'll take my leave now."
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I tried to leave right away but got detained. Exactly what I'd expect.

"It would be my failure if I didn't extend hospitality to my daughter's rescuer. Do stay a night here. I cannot yet decide what reward should I confer you. But could you let us entertain you during your stay in federation at least? Are you hungry? It's lunchtime. I shall have your lunch prepared."

I just knew. Say I declined his offer here, I'd likely get into trouble outside immediately. And taking up his offer would get me in a trouble as well.
Meaning my choice is simple. I'm getting on board of this template development.

"Fine. I'll take you up on your offer."

I made the decision. I haven't looked for an inn anyway. I've also resigned myself.
I know there is absolutely no way to get off this train.

Also, I'm curious about the slightly flustered sounding intonation in Sir Lolengus's voice.
There must be something about me written in the letter. I have no idea what kind of impressions Linda had on me.
She might have told her father to persuade me into lending them my strength.  
Sir Lolengus may be all smile but I can see the skepticism in his eyes.

(He probably doesn't fully believe his daughter's word. He doesn't doubt the fact that his daughter is saved, but the stuff written about me is hard to swallow or something along that line?)

I can't say for sure, I never read the letter. So it's nothing but a guess, I believe she outlined everything all that she witnessed thus far.
Otherwise this man wouldn't have kept glancing at me trying to figure me out like this.
Sir Lolengus, aren't you way too easy to read? Is that alright? Aren't you showing too much on your face?
I'm getting worried now.

(I mean this guy is a chairman isn't he, shouldn't he hone his poker face-ness?)

If he's just acting, the man would be quite a sly fox, but he gives off the impression of a very straitlaced man.
As I was thinking that, I arrived at the room they led me to and sat down over a table.

Then as I enjoyed the meal they prepared, I racked my brain on my next plan.






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