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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 180

Idiot Trio


"Alma-chan! Want me to carry your thing!?"

"No thanks, I can carry them myself."

"Alma-chan, aren't your shoulders stiff? Want me to massage them?"

"They're not... Don't touch me."

"Alma-chan, please, please go out with me--"

...Hello there. So, we helped a party that was in danger from a magic beast attack while we were dungeon delving.
It's a group of three men around their twenties. One of them took a direct hit and lost their party balance as a result, situation was critical.
As we rushed in, Alma went first and used her finisher to kill the magic beast in one hit. The trio fell for Alma after witnessing that, they kept trying to make a move on her.
...I get how you feel as she saved me once too, but don't you think you guys are acting over-familiar?

A red short haired man who got hit by the magic beast, Fujilance, a spearsman.
The perverted blue haired man who tried to massage Alma, Tserenk, a mage.
And lastly, a blond swordsman as well as this party's leader, Leonight.
Their hairs are so colorful, reminding me of those three girls from back then. Also like, traffic light?

"Ow ow, the wound that magic beast inflicted on me is hurting. Alma-chan, won't you lend me your shoulder?"

"You can ask your friends."

"Dangit, quit trying to cuddle up to her in the confusion!"

"You already chugged a potion earlier! Here, have my shoulder, back off of Alma-chan!"

"Alma-san, you're so popular."

"I'm not happy about this."

"She looks troubled by those three's advance, are you fine with that? Kajikawa-san."


"Uwaa, someone's in a super foul mood..."

Didn't intend to reply with a cold tone due to irritation. Sorry Reina.
I get it's because these three's behavior towards Alma, but I don't understand why it makes me feel this irritated.

"Hikaru, is the portal still far?"

For some reason, Alma took my arm as she got away from the three men. She even looks afraid of them.
...Guess it's only natural to get scared when multiple older men are persistently making a move on you.
But taking the arm of a reserve old man that is me as an escape plan seems kinda circular.

"It's close by. We plan to keep going, what about you guys?"

"Of course we're going too! And you, get your arm off Alma-chan!"

"Swap! Swap with me this instant, you old man!"

"Alma-chan! Forget that old man, take my arm instead! Here!"

"...You guys are so rude to the leader of a party that saved your skin."


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Wonderful one hit!
The idiot trio fainted in agony at Alma's merciless word. I'm saying this for your own good, just go home already.
Also, keep saying old man all you want, but you'll be pretty much me in five year time.

"The default level is 20 for magic beasts on floor 5 and below. Seeing as you guys were having a hard time against a beast over Lv30, I'm guessing you're around later Lv20s, no? Can you guys deal with series of battles versus Lv20 beasts? Heck, you might get swarmed."

"Uu... N-no, we'll be fine! We've beaten plenty of upper Lv20 beasts already!"

"Just a reminder, if you plan to go on, you're responsible for your own safety. So let me ask again, are you sure you'll be fine?"

"O-ou! Men don't do backsies! We're gonna protect Alma-chan!"

"...I see. Just take care now."

I've nothing but concern. Are they really gonna be alright.
Heck, are they even aware what they're spouting, telling the one who easily beat the magic beast they had a hard time with, 'We'll protect you!'. There should be a limit to stupidity.
But well, you dungeon delve at your own risk, if they're bent on going, then I have no right to stop them.

From Floor 5 onward, the floor's topography changed from caves to a forest full of vegetation.
It kinda looks like the Monster Forest, Guruoz. The magic beasts here feel way stronger than Guruoz though.

"Ooh, the greenery is so soothing on the eyes. Could this be a healing floor?"

"There's plenty of magic beasts to go around with all the greenery though. There seem to be a lot more of them than earlier floors too, they'll gang up on you if you press on carelessly."

"...Turned out it's a heallish floor instead."

Was Reina trying to make a joke. Kinda forcing it me think.

"Lots of traps hidden between the vegetation too, what a poor taste. Like say, there's an animal trail on this grassy path, but take this trail and a trap will--"

"Uwaaaa!? W-what!?"

"W-what have you done, Flan!"

...Just when I was giving the explanation, the redhead, Fujilance fell for the trap that hangs him upside down.
The outlook isn't promising. Wish they'd just go home.

"I-I was gonna fetch that tasty looking fruit when this trap by my foot sprung up and..."

"You dumbass! That's what you get for being careless!"

"Kajikawa-san, is that fruit edible?"

"It's poisonous, absolutely don't put that in your mouth. You'll get an upset tummy."

"Freaking A! They got me good!"

...My poor aching head.
Are we gonna have to constantly see these skits from now on? Sounds super tiring.

"I don't mind if you guys tag along, but please don't act on your own. You might fall for traps like Fujilance."

"Oooh! Alma-chan called me by my name! Scores!"

"Dangit! You cheeky little!"

"Alma-chan, say my name too--"

"Take it seriously."

"""We're sorry..."""

As the three got heated up just from having one of them called by name, Alma reproached them with a very cold tone and glare.
She's kind enough to actually respond instead of just outright ignoring them. The trio seemed to feel bad about it and apologized.
Hope they learn from it and be more careful now. Heck, why're these older guys more trouble than then two younger girls here.

Thanks to the idiot trio behaving afterward, we advanced smoothly and stopped in front of a biggish room.
I sensed several readings from Mana and Life Force Sense. Magic beasts are lurking inside.

"There are magic beasts lying in ambush inside this room... Eight of them, that's a lot."

"S-shouldn't we take a detour? Eight is way too many."

"We've gone through all other available rooms. No way to keep going if we don't pass this one."

"F-for real..."

Why're you guys even here if this much scares you.
...We really should force them to leave through a portal when we find one.
Now then, honestly, either Alma or me could easily take on this room alone but we can't be the only group doing all the fighting now, can we.
I'll leave one or two to these trio and take care of the rest. Sheesh.





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