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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 62

Idle Talk Aiming for Harem


<<It's nice that the king gave you equipment during the audience and all, but it's pretty sad how he didn't send anyone to accompany you~.>>

"Eh, it's all right. I can take it easy journeying alone, this is fine."

<<Plus you have me. Soloing the Demon King isn't a pipe dream with me around fufufu.>>

"...No, that's not happening."

A messenger of the king met me when I came out of the hero summoning altar.
Apparently the world saw two full moons as an omen of the demon king's birth as well as hero's summoning, so they hurriedly dispatched people to check on the altar on a short notice or so I was told. Thank you for your hard work.
Two moons are kinda a relatively common trope in isekai, but they seem to be signs for heroes and demon kings in this world. Wonder if there's any other meaning?

I think their security was a bit lax, I mean I was led straight to the audience chamber where the king was waiting. What are they gonna do if the hero turns out to be a serial killer or something. Oh wait, guess people like that don't get summoned in the first place.
So, the king ordained me to defeat the Demon King, gave me a Pass that'd let me enter all kinds of restricted areas, some equipment and fund before practically kicking me out, implicitly telling me to hurry up and beat this Demon King.
I mean it's not like they were rough housing me or acting high and mighty, but couldn't they at least, you know, give some pep talk or something.

<<The king of this country hasn't had much sleep as of late, so he was probably trying to cut it as short as possible.>>

"Really, but why? Is he insomniac?"

<<As an omen of Demon King's birth, magic beasts come out of their territories en masse destroying villages and towns, it's sort of like massive raids happening all over the places. People call this phenomenon 'Stampede'. The king is apparently super busy dealing with those.>>

"Stampede huh... So they couldn't spare someone as my companion because their hands are full."

<<As a matter of fact, this bout of Stampedes have destroyed many villages and towns already. I don't think he's lying about lacking manpower.>>

"The heck, things are already climaxing before I started my adventure. This world is harder than I thought."

<<Well, there are also towns that suffer practically zero casualty, but those are rare cases. Ordinarily, at least ten people would have died.>>

Looks like deaths are always hanging around the people in this world.
I can't afford to let my guard down and have a haggard-looking king tell me 'Oh hero, to think you died etc-' ...Hmm, I'm actually not too worried, maybe cause I get revived even if I die.

"Oh right, there's another Japanese man besides me right. Guy hasn't gotten himself involved in a Stampede, has he?"

<<...Apparently he has.>>

"Eh, is he okay? He doesn't have a Skill right, there's no way he could've fought a magic beast."

<<On the contrary in fact, the man killed lots of magic beasts like he was cutting butter... I can't seem to access the detail since part of the information is on lock down. I'm sorry.>>

"Hold the phone, what's the deal with that guy, like for real."

<<I'm just as clueless as you...>>
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It's like when you have this urge to see a terrifying sight yet don't wanna go near it...
Yup, let's just forget about this. Guy's way too ominous.

<<Incidentally, on top of Demon King bases spawning on every continent at the time of his birth, the demons have also begun full scale attacks and subterfuges against humanity, so I suggest you to get on to leveling and crush those bases pronto~.>>

"Hmph, what had those demons been up to before the Demon King got revived."

<<Who knows? There's never been a confirmed sighting whenever the Demon King isn't around, maybe they pop up the same time a Demon King is born~.>>

"But man, what's so fun about picking a fight with humanity anyway. Like, how do they go about it?"

<<Err, some make use of sealed off ancient weapons, some command a massive amount of magic beasts to attack, kinda like Stampedes, they do it with a variety of means. The only common point is it's all done for the sake of harming humanity.>>

"Geez, that all sounds so annoying. Can't build my harem right if I don't get strong enough to eliminate those pest, I'm gonna do this."

<<Just how fixated are you on this harem thing.... Well, I'm sure you'd have no issue on that front given your looks. It's so androgynous, I have a feeling only shota loving women are going to flock to you though.>>

"...Don't remind me again. I'm sure I'm gonna grow up into a hot guy in five years. Hopefully."

The idea of being chased around by older shota loving women scares me. Wish the god brought me here at my original age.
I won't ask for a harem right away but it'd be nice if I could meet a girl my age. Or at least someone 2-3 years older.
Now then, first I gotta go hunt some magic beasts and level up. This kinda feels like the early part of an RPG, wonder if everything's gonna be okay...





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