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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 341

341 Big Haul


Arrows were quietly let loose. All of which hit the wolves which yelped once before falling silent.

"Don't let your guard down yet! Get ready for second volley! Watch the surroundings! Make sure there's no more wolves coming. Our targets are carnivorous. You might get bitten if you carelessly get close. Stay alert as we approach."

We slowly got closer step by step. And once we confirmed they were dead, we slit the throats with a knife and drained the blood.
Wolf meat is food too. Gotta discard the intestines because there's no telling they've been eating but the meat itself is safe. Though the edible part is mostly muscles.
Thus we secure the meat once the blood is completely drained. We're in no position to be picky. The kids at least.

I let them do the job.

"You're doing as I've taught you... well. Might be too well even for something I've only shown you once..."

The kids deftly worked together to finish the procedure without my input.
They're so well coordinated it's like they've been doing this forever, I'm at a loss for word.

(Two of them work in tandem to hang the body once the wolf's neck has been cut off cause it's heavy, and none of these kids shows any hesitation...)

Thus everything went smoothly, we even secured food for tonight.
These kids are so good at it I'm starting to second guess myself.

(Do these kids even need me? Wouldn't they go independent on their own without my interference sooner or later anyway?)
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They simply didn't have the chance to. I'm sure they would have found their own genre had they managed to learn something.
No point thinking that now though. For the time being, I've gotta do something about this situation.

"Now then, you over there. You can relax. And get down here."

I almost forgot about the person who screamed and made this smooth sailing possible.

"Haah... Thank you so... much."

A woman around 17-18 year old listlessly came down the tree and replied.
She's got a waist length hair with a ribbon attached. Her eyes look a bit stern.
Leather chestplate, bracers, greaves, a bow on her back and a quiver on her waist. Looks like she's in the same trade as us.

"Are you a hunter? A pitiful one I see. Anyway, can we have your thanks for saving you? Oh, and I'm not asking for money. I only need to know the circumstances that led you here. Give us intel."

I'm not trying to be greedy. I'm simply confirming if there's anything weird going on in this forest, at which point we're running away leaving her behind. No decisions can be made until we know more.
Can we continue hunting? Does something like that happen often to this solo hunter?
Or perhaps it's a 'spark' for an abnormal situation flying our way?

"I-I'm a hunter that's been barely getting by hunting in this forest for years. I usually went in along with my grandfather but he suddenly passed away from an illness the other day. I couldn't find any game near the entrance today so I pushed through deeper inside, but then..."

I got it somewhat now. Hunting alone exponentially raises the risk.
Especially in a forest this rich, meaning more dangers lurking. It's far more dangerous than the forest in my village.
Her grandfather must have been watching out for such dangers all this time.
This woman must be in charge of all other stuff. And once the one specialized in sensing danger was gone, she found herself in a risky situation.

"I got your story. I've got a suggestion. Can you look after these kids and teach them all about this forest?"

"Wha?" The woman had a 'what is this guy saying now' look on her face, to which I responded with.

"These kids saved you when you were in danger. Get it? They're your saviors. Caring for these saviors of yours is the best course of action. Or am I wrong?"

I must have looked like a small time villain when I said that.






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