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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 67

With Ma


Half a month has passed since the start of our training, Reina still hasn't learned Offensive Magic Skill yet, but according to Menu, it's just just around the corner now.
Her INT has increased by 2 points, but that's the only visible change.
We also tried letting her run her MP dry to see if we could raise her max MP, but apparently this method doesn't work on people who haven't come of age yet.
It's probably a preventative measure to reduce the danger of kids using the exploit and expose themselves to the danger of repeatedly fainting over a short period of time. Well, without this measure, some thoughtless fools out there would force kids to keep running their MP dry after all... Well now, that's a terrible thought.
No wait? But can't you do it anyway after coming of age? Like me and Alma... Let's not delve further. It's making me queasy.

We're done with training today and currently taking a stroll around the town to shop and eat around.
Me and Alma aside, Reina's mental state wouldn't last doing that easy yet monotonous labor without ever taking a break.


Reina had a dry laughter with dead eyes as she responded. Yup, she's at her limit. Let's let loose and have fun today.
A repetitive labor with no end or result in sight is a torture in itself, looks like it's been far more mentally draining to her than I thought...

Town of Vinfitt is as bustling as ever.
I can never get tired just watching all the stalls and stores around. Can't stall here, cough cough.
Reina is wearing the clothes we bought her on the first day. Looking closer, she really is a pretty girl. I missed it back then since my eyes were on Alma.
I warned her not to follow any stranger but I'm still worried.

"Getting told like this, it's like you're my..."

"...What? Like your dad or something?"

"No, more like my ma."


"I get it."


...At least keep it a man, heck, I'd even take a 'kind relative uncle'.
Have I been gradually turning into a mom without realizing? Well I mean, I've been getting into cooking lately yeah... Ugh, anyway.

Getting back to town stroll.
First, equipment store. I mean I admit going to an equipment store in our break day is weird, but I wanna end all the work-related business first before we have fun.
We opened the door and got in before we got greeted by a red long haired woman, the shopkeeper.
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"Welcome! Ah, Kajikawa-san, your order is ready!"

"Yes, I thought it's about time so here we are."

"Of course of course, then let's get you fitted."


Ms. shopkeeper took Reina into the backroom.
She did that too when we shopped here before and Alma tried to change on the spot...
By the way, we were here to order equipment made from boss bear.
Chest protector has always been my first choice whenever we go out to get new equipment while Alma picks torso protector since according to her, the chest one quickly becomes too tight a fit for her anyway.
...Is she still growing. Well considering Alma mama's size, that's about right... My mind ghost's gonna accuse me of harassment again if I keep this up, let's just stop...

After fitting, yup it looks just as I imagined... I'm kinda bothered with how there are some exposed parts like her shoulders and thighs though.
It's a full body lightweight armor with boss bear fur fitted in the inner lining, so its defensive property is authentic.
It's a bit shame how her pretty blond hair also gets covered by a cloth over her head, even if the goal is to make her inconspicuous.
...She's gonna stand out if she walks around downtown in this attire though.

"I made it as ordered, adding a bit of slits here and there cause it's a bit stuffy otherwise, but this is sexy in a way too."

"S-sexy you say? You mean I exude an adult charm right?"


Sorry to say this when she looks happy, but despite the rather sexy outfit, Reina's childish stature makes it hard to take it seriously.
Though I guess it's unfair to compare her to Alma's one piece stocking style from the other day.

"Oh, and here you go, a dagger made from a High Cave Bear fang. It was so sturdy sharpening this thing was an ordeal, just you know."

"Eh, you made a dagger from that giant bear's fang!? No no, this must cost a hefty sum! Are you really sure I can take it!?"

"It's a bit overspecced for a kid not yet come of age yeah, but eh, it's gonna fit you just right in no time. Just hold onto it."

"Y-yes... I dunno if I can ever repay you back."

"The total comes to 110,000 en, thank you again."

"So pricey! I knew it!"

It is, but with all the money from culling the boss bears and their mats, this is not a problem at all.
It's about two third of a month inn charges, but our present earning should get it back quickly.
...I'd like to believe I'm aware that my sense of money has become paralyzed but easily parting with six digit number in a shopping spree is still a bit much.

She changed to her casual attire before we left the store and went to the food stall area.
Always bugged me how we never had the chance to eat around. We were usually spent when we got back from the cave.

"Oh, that turkey leg meat looks pretty good, what do you two think?"

"...I want a taste."

"I welcome any and all meat anytime! ...Wait, it's 1500 en a piece, do we have enough? It's still on the cheaper side though."

"I've budgeted our spending for today, it's okay as long as we don't go over too much. Excuse me, can we have three pieces please."

"Sure thing! Thanks for your patronage!"

The budget is around 20,000 en. Eh, that's too high? I mean cuisine in this world is stupidly expensive.
Even this real manga meat this stall is selling is not a festival price, it's the normal price.
Ah, but damn it's good. What's up with this meat, the inside is so juicy despite its crispy exterior. The spice is just enough not to overpower the meat too.
Man, food made by other people after so long and it's as good as I remembered. Peeking at the stall old man's skill, his Cooking Skill is Lv7. How good is he?

<<Lv7 Cooking Skill affords one to work as a chef in a high class restaurant.>>

This old man's the real deal. Why's he running a small stall like this.
Open a restaurant and it's gonna get crowded I'm sure. I guess he just wanna settle with making simple stuff or something.


"It's so, so good! I can't believe this stuff I could only stare in awe before was this tasty all along!"

Alma and Reina seemed deeply moved too. Yup yup, I agree with you two. I'd like to get another, but refrained to spare room in my stomach for other food.
1500 en for this is too cheap actually.
Can't wait to get a taste of other stalls if the first one is this good. Now then, what to devour next~.





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