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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Strongest Sage, Probes


Afterward, I activate the detector magic device.
Maximum output. Judging from our enemy's capability, they'd probably know anyway even if we tried to detect them with minimal output.
So might as well end this in one go instead of taking half-baked measures.

"It's shaking quite hard."

At maximum output, the ruin has begun to shake violently.
The ground around this area was sturdier when I made this ruin in the past, so it never shook this much.

The ground here must have changed along with times.
...Thankfully the magic tool buried in Dragon Vein under ground for supplying mana is still working fine.
If that were broken we'd need to provide the device with a vast amount of mana ourselves.

"W-would this ruin be all right?"

"The construction seems really sturdy, I think it should be okay..."

Alma looked around anxiously as she said that.
On the other hand, Iris is staring at the magic device without taking any notice on the shaking.
This much shaking is probably nothing for Iris who originally lived in a volcano.

A few minutes later.
...The result is in.

The magic device here is excellent.
It makes clear of everything; the target demon's location, mana, name, current situation and even its original mana quality.

"I got the info about the demons... It's the worst. Well, I guess it's still better than not knowing until it's too late."

I put a red marker on the map.
The demon is located there... but honestly speaking, there's almost no point in knowing that.

"What do you mean by the worst?"

"The demon from before... The name's apparently Zaridias, that guy is currently sealed. Its original strength is... well, the me right now probably can't beat it."

It's true that I posses the magic techniques forged in my past life.
My crest now is also practically the strongest crest in battle, and I've raised my mana big times.
Judging from its amount of mana, this demon is probably relatively experienced in battle, but I'm far above it in term of battle experience and techniques.

However, there is simply no way to overturn the overwhelming gap in mana.
No matter how skillful someone is, they cannot cut orichalcum with a wooden sword, it's something like that.

I won't be able to beat the demon even if I use up all of my mana and deliver a perfect strike, while the demon is strong enough a single blow from the demon could kill me if it hit.
In such a situation, you have no chance of winning no matter what skills you have.

"But that demon is sealed right?"

"That seal has mostly been come undone. It's probably only gonna hold for another half a day... To begin with, considering that demon has been giving instructions to other demons, the seal probably hasn't been working correctly for a while."

It's impossible for other demons to interfere with the seal if it's still working as intended.
This demon probably made use of the chance when the seal was weakened during the past several years to spread its influence.
In order to make it as easy as possible for the demon to move around when the seal broke.

"True, it shouldn't have been able to move with a working seal..."

"What would this Zaridias do once it broke out of its seal?"

Ruli asked me the question.
However, she probably knew the answer already without asking.

Laying waste to the Dungeon City's Dragon Vein, manufacturing mana bombs in Folkia.
There's only one thing the mastermind of such plans want to do.

"Annihilate humans."
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I gave an immediate reply.
In the first place, demons have no other behavioral principle than that.

"Annihilate... Like, right away?"

"That's right. With powers like Zaridias', there's no need to take roundabout ways like slipping in Eis Kingdom other demons did. It could just fly to the capital of a country somewhere, and rain down magic attacks from the sky. Repeat that until it's done."

The current humanity has practically zero chance of winning after its seal is broken.

Judging from the state of the seal, a civilization from my past era probably created th seal.
After the civilization was destroyed, no one maintained the seal, and now this is the result.

...Good grief, they sure left behind quite a mess.
They should just have killed this demon rather than sealing it in a half-baked seal.
And the past me even went the trouble of distributing magic devices to kill demons to various countries in order to prevent this kind of situations.

"That means... We're all done for?"

Alma asked in despair.
True, we're in the worst possible situation.
However, I have something in mind that could get us out of this conundrum.

"That's not necessarily the case. I know a way."

I replied while operating the detector magic device I used just now.

"How do you even deal with an undebatable opponent?"

"The simplest method is running away. In this world there are facilities with an even more sturdier defense than where we are now. We could use Immortal magic, train there for 200 years, then defeat Zaridias."

"T-two hundreds... You're joking right?"

"I'm dead serious. Since we don't have time, I would have brought us there to go into hiding if we had no chance of victory."

In that case, humanity would probably suffer catastrophic damages.
However, the number of demons is limited. Even if they destroyed all the big cities, they wouldn't be able to eliminate every single human.

After completing our training, we would defeat the demons, then humanity could rebuild slowly.
Guess, I'll fetch Giruas who's nearby if we go with that route. He'd turn into a valuable asset if I train him.

"But Mathi-kun hasn't gone into hiding yet... Which means, we have a chance of winning?"

"Yeah. Though, that depends on this result."

I activated mana detector at maximum output.
The target is a disposable magic sword the past me created.

The weapon can only be used once, but it's extremely powerful so I've been looking for it without avail.
However, this detector should be able to find it.

"...Isn't it taking too long?"

"Yeah. Cause it's looking for a magic sword. Looking for that takes time compared to a demon that's emitting a huge amount of mana by itself."

It's already been 10 minutes since the activation.
It only took about five minutes to find the demon, but unlike demons, magic items and magic swords only emit trace amount of mana, so it's quite hard to locate them.
And there's probably only around 10 of that sword left in this world.

There's a lot of reasons why there's only a few of them, well, let's not think about it for now.
The problem is where that sword is.

The magic device stopped while I was thinking.

"Alright, here's the res--ult?"

I froze for a second when I saw the result.
The magic sword is on a coordinate that I'm all too familiar with.

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