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Okami Wa Nemuranai 5_6


Lecan had fully recovered his mana when he woke up in this world. And he absorbed more mana just now, thus now his mana is in excess.

Lecan's <Mana Absorption> is considerably flexible, thus, he's able to absorb many times the amount of his full mana. However, the excess mana will immediately come out of his body, it cannot be maintained.

If he had brought magic gems with him, he could absorb as much mana as he wanted. Therefore, Lecan is proceeding to fetch the magic beast's magic gem.

The men seemed to be fussing about something, but for now he's prioritizing the magic beast first.

Lecan stood upright with his heels kept together in front of the magic beast's body, put his right fist on his left chest, and slightly lowered his head.

He picked up a thick dry wood nearby, thrust it into the magic beast's body, turned it over while using <Mana Detection> to instantaneously find the location of Magic Gem, and then he gouged it out with his sword.

The magic beast's body that had lost its magic gem turned into sands and disappeared.

The magic gem is stained with blood. His sword as well. He should wash them.

A river is flowing under the slope.

With a sword in his right hand and a magic gem in his left, Lecan quickly climbed down the slope. The men behind him were shouting something.

His head cooled off as he washed his sword and the magic gem.

--I should not pay any heed to those things in human forms. I don't know anything about this world. From this world's perspective, I'm the foreign matter here, not those guys. For now, I should try using <Mana Detection> once again.

He wiped the sword and magic gem with an old rag, put them into <Storage> and climbed up the slope.

--I should hide the fact that I have <Storage>.

He took his sword out <Storage> again and reached the top.

A man is talking to the people inside the wagon. It's the man who was riding a horse. The other man is tending to the man laying on the ground. Looks like the coachman succeeded calming down the horses.

The man noticed Lecan and tried to speak something to him again, but Lecan ignored him once again.

He walked around a bush behind him, took a sheath from <Storage>, put his sword in it, hung the sword on his waist, took an item bag and hung it on his shoulder. He should look like an ordinary traveler now.


When Lecan tried to approach the wagon, the man who was speaking toward the wagon turned around to face Lecan.

Lecan approached the man without slowing down.

--If he did anything weird, I'd close the distance in a flash and cut down this guy.

The man seemed to have perceived something from Lecan's expressions and actions, he took a half step back with a pale face.

When Lecan was about five steps away from the man, he stopped and activated <Mana Detection> at full throttle.

It's faint, but they're displayed as red dots.

The man in front of him, and the other men are displayed properly.

--So they were humans...

Lecan relaxed himself.

The man in front of him breathed a sigh of relief and then tried to talk to him enthusiastically.

"Sorry. I don't get what you're saying."

He pointed out that he didn't understand him along with gestures, but the man continued to prattle on without giving up.

"I don't get it. We can't communicate. You should get that the language I'm speaking is different from yours."

This is the first time Lecan's ever experienced communication breakdown since he's born.

This place is really not the world Lecan is familiar with after all.

The features of these men' faces are unlike any country he knows too.

It's flattish and smoothish.

The man is shorter than Lecan, so he's in the position of looking down from above.

A woman's voice could be heard from inside the wagon. It sounds young.

Of course, since Lecan has <3D Perception> he can see inside the wagon, there's two women on board, one in her first half teens, and the other is in her first half twenties.

The younger woman is probably the one with the highest rank in this party. That young woman instructed something to the man.

The man talked back about something, but the young woman ordered something with a firm voice. And then, the man approached the wagon and opened the door.

The woman who came out of the wagon was beautiful. And she was even younger than his expectations.

That woman stepped forward in front of Lecan, gracefully bowed once and spoke about something with a gentle tone. She's probably saying her thanks. He doesn't sense hostility at all. On the contrary, he could feel respects and affections in the young woman's eyes.

Once the young woman finished talking, Lecan held down his sword's sheath with his left hand, hit his left chest with his right palm, and took a half step back with his left leg.

This is how a noble bow. Lecan is a rustic adventurer, but in actuality, he's an adopted child of a certain kingdom's king, in other words, he's also a full-fledged prince. However, he has no right to the throne. There were some circumstances that made him become a king's adopted child, but either way, as someone who was living a live of a prince for about two months, Lecan knows his etiquettes.

Perhaps due to this splendid etiquettes that the man and the woman behind the young woman looked surprised.

Afterward, they treated the wounds of those injured. Turned out the young woman could use healing magic.

The other woman is keeping close to her at all time. It's the woman who used fire magic earlier.

Lecan ended up getting invited and went with them. In any case, he's got to get in contact with people native to this land sooner or later. There's no better opportunity than this occasion, doing so with those who are cooperative.

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