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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 45

45 That Thing You See Often


After her explanation, Aryl suddenly put her hand inside her bag and took something out.
But then she kept on doing that, all the items she took out shouldn't have fit the bag.
There were even things far bigger than the bag itself, it was a surreal sight.
Those goods have now even piled in one corner of the room.

"Just how many... no wait, that's not it!"

The surreal spectacle and the story from earlier overloaded my mind.

"This bag is on the small side. I should get them all out soon."

(Small... This... What...?)

The items have now fully occupied this spacious room even atop the beds.
Jewellery, some kinds of tools, interior goods? Stuff I don't know what for, bottles with yellow, red, green and purple liquid in them seemingly medicine, weapons and armor, cooking utensils, glass container, clothing, etc.
All kinds of stuff.

"A bag that can hold more than it looks outwardly... How!?"

Yes, I know, I get it yet I can't help but be stunned when it actually unfolds before my eyes.

"They're something any merchants would have. Magic bags are expensive yes, but you can put in a lot of stuff inside and best of all, it ignores weight! You can't even start out as a merchant without one. They're simply indispensable!"

Aryl-san explained proudly as she snorted.
She acted like I had no idea, but I actually had my suspicion already.
I mean she only has one bag despite introducing herself a merchant.
How she just started out. And how she was planning to sell her stock in this city.
So of course I was entertaining the idea, but witnessing it for real was another thing, I was just surprised at that, yeah.

The only time I saw magic was when my mother lit up a small flame on her fingertip and never again, thus magic was something I only knew as something that exists before this.
I can't help but be amazed at the mind-blowing quality of actual magic.

"Magic... so cool... how the heck."
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"Huh? I don't think it's something that shocking."

"Ah, no well, we only use magic to light up stoves in my village. I had never seen anything like this, so you see..."

It's a fantasy world yeah, but I can't use it, I never got in contact with magic while living in the village, so it was something out of reach to me, I half forgot it even existed.
Heck, I almost got to the point of 'That never existed.'

"Don't tell me wizards and the likes exist too..."

"Wizards...? High level practitioners are usually employed by the royal court, yes."

"Hee. That's cool."

(Just how many times will I get surprised by this [World]. I still don't consider myself as a resident of this world...)

Aryl spoke with a 'what are you talking about now' face.

"No no, you're the amazing one, you know."

I didn't what she was referring to here, but I realized later.
She thought I had used [Magic] to beat those bandits.

She was diligently cross-referencing her items with a catalogue on her hand all while she was talking to me.




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