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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 60

60 A Man Called Eltros


Eltros thought. This must be some kind of joke.
He had brought the strongest, fiercest looking three pawns under his command.
How come they all died.

How come a feeling he's never experienced before is awash in his mouth?
Eltros was still unaware that is the [Taste of Death].

His heart is beating furiously, blood getting pumped in his entire body. Urging him to run away as fast as he could.
The young man that should have turned into a rag is completely fine.
How!? Why!? What's going on!? His state of mind swirled with doubts and more doubts, unable to face reality.

He was set on bringing his biggest battle force after hearing reports of his subordinates getting the table turned on them.
What did he do wrong? Which step was a mistake? He was completely sure there was no way he could be outwitted.

He didn't believe the brat was the one who beat his subordinates. And yet he never let his guard down and ordered all three men to go at once.
There is no mistake. There is no way his commands would be mistaken. His inner thought began to go around in circles.

Then finally, he recalled the taste in his mouth, a familiar taste he once experienced in the past.
That time when he was ambushed due to a small misstep. He bet on a 30% chance of dying in order to create an upset.
A similar taste as that time. Tens of times denser and thicker is filling his mouth.
A taste of unavoidable [Death].
The feeling of having the grim reaper's scythe rest on his neck.
Even the slightest gaffe would mean instant death.
Such terror is gnawing at his entire body.

He's unable to make a voice before the young man. Despite how much he looked down on him just earlier.
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(Who is this guy!? How in the hell is he human!? It's just impossible! What the hell are you damn brat!)

Despite the resounding alarm in his head, warning him of his impending doom, Eltros's pride wouldn't allow him to admit that and he cursed out in his mind.

"Eltros-sama! Eltros-sama!"

He was finally able to digest the situation after his hoarse-voice subordinate's multiple calls.
The two subordinates who were standing watch have come back and stand guard in front of him with knives in hands.
Honestly, Eltros didn't even recall their existences. They're threatening the young man who created this disastrous scene, but the protection they offer here is pretty much zilch.
They're nothing more than dregs in comparison to the three big men that just got crushed.

(It all happened before my eyes, not even a moment, yet I can't even fathom it. Against someone like that, letting these pawns take the blow while I escape is...)

Eltros entertained the idea of sacrificing his own subordinates, but quickly abandoned it for being infeasible.
That calmed him down a bit, and he started to frantically try to think up a way to get out of this situation alive.
And yet he just couldn't come up with any way to erase the [Taste of Death].
He won't give up despite sweating waterfall.

(I'm gonna get out of this alive! Then I'll prepare for real and kill this brat off...)

That thought is gradually fading from the unceasing acceleration of his heart beats.

(Like hell I'm gonna die here! I'm escaping alive! Absolutely...)

A silence that felt simultaneously too long and too short elapsed.
The answer all his thinking led to is the certainty of his death.

(That can't be... I'm still alive! I've still got things I want to do...)

Just as Eltros started giving up, his hoarse voiced underling ran up to the young girl called Aryl.

(What's this guy... But I don't care what! So long I'm saved...)

That was the last straw he clung onto.





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