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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 48

48 Vastness


The phrase [Act of God] just sounds ridiculous to me.
I got abducted by that god and thrown to this world.

(That aside... if royal family exists, then this world is...)

Kingdom and Empire, there should be at least two big nations around.
My [World] expands again in this world.
At this point I lack too much information to understand just how expansive it is.
No point in thinking further.
Heck, the past me found my own nation too [Vast]
Who said that phrase again? 'Where are you hurrying up to in this cramped Japan.'
As someone who never go abroad, the [vastness of the world] just sounds unreal to me.
I spoke while sighing.

"Everything is an experience, guess I'll just regard it as a trial for adulthood."

Aryl seems to have misunderstood something, she's giggling.

"I'm going to excuse myself to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow. Please turn off the lamplight later. Enjoy yourself."

She must think I'm exaggerating just because of bath.
Still, how is she so unworried? She already went to bed and snored.
Must be quite tired. She doesn't even seem to entertain the idea of me assaulting her.
Well, I don't have any intention to in the slightest though.

A man and a woman under a roof. I've never been in such a situation including my past life.
Of course. I was a 'fighting games before hoes' type. People have their likes, but mine was probably a very specific one.
Some old man sounding line came out as I dipped.

"Phew~ paradise, paradise. Who coulda thought I'd get in a bathtub here in this world~."

It takes so many firewood and so much water.
Labor, money, time, expenditure. Everything enormous.
As expected of a high class inn.
I stayed in bath until the water temperature turned tepid.
It was the most relaxing time I had yet.
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I got out of bath. And looked at Aryl.
She's sleeping so soundly.
She must have overworked herself. No wonder fatigue caught up to her.
Is the fact that she could sleep this soundly proof of her trust toward me?

I silently walked to my bed.
Softness from air drying, smell of sun. Double sized.
It's huge. A bed so big I can spread my arms.
I can't calm down instead. But it's nice to the touch.

(Ah, gotta turn off the lamp.)

I got up.
Lamp in my village was a small candlelight flame, yet this one here illuminates the entire spacious room.
Even though its shape doesn't look different from the one in my village.
And to turn it off you push on a familiar switch with [O] and [X] marks.

(It can't be, magic again... At the rate this is going, all science-based system will be replaced with magic...)

I pushed the [X] button as I thought that, and sure enough the light vanished.
'Good night', I whispered as I closed my eyes.





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