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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 34

34 Randolf's Perspective


Give it my all, thus is my order, but doing that to this slender young man could result in his death at worst.
I cannot understand what my employer is thinking.
Therefore I won't hold back but not without discretions.

Usually, people get frightened when I come out and pay their due.
Those who resist get one strike before getting the [Explanation].

But this guy is acting without a care in the world.
The young lady who's still trying to take some distance out of fear even now is how it should have been.

(I suppose I'll find out how good this guy is by the end.)

I just need to do the usual, thus I believe as I slowly take my stance and focus my strength.

(I should aim for the shoulder. Hitting the face could end with him dead.)

I do not wish that.
Then right afterward, I rushed to my target and swung my fist at full power.

[Bwoosh], right afterward, the sound of cutting wind could be heard.

~~~~~   ~~~~~~
The young man got blown away and lay on the floor...
~~~~~   ~~~~~
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That image flashed on my mind.

Yet there's no response.

I felt a warm sensation touching my fist.

(What!? He blocked it...!? No! He saw through it... No that's not it!? But how!!?)

Shock, shiver, and puzzlement all hit my back like a thunderbolt.

My eyes opened wide at this utterly bizarre turn of event.

"Still want to keep going?"

My body trembled when I heard that. I immediately swung my fist sideway.
I hit him this time, I thought.

But there is no resistance again.

I could not see him even move. He just vanished from my sight.
The young man is facing my stopped fist with his hand on it just like earlier.

I cannot fathom what kind of trick did he use. The unknown is fear in itself.
Losing patience, I raised my arms and swung them down twice just to shake him off.

I am confident in my ability. I'm not bragging when I say I was one of the upper ranked mercenaries in Mercenary Guild.
I got injured in a certain incident and went to work here until the day of my retirement.
Hired as a bodyguard of this Merchant Association for my strength.

But what of this young man here?
He kept dodging all my attacks, resulting in me exposing openings.
Then the young man suddenly appeared standing calmly behind me. I would have long died if this were a real fight.

He didn't counter, block, or dodge my attack in a perceivable way.
He simply slowly touch my arm the instance it stopped moving. Without attacking me back even once.
That is in a way, [Frightening].
I could have swallowed the [Fear] from getting countered with magic, but not this.

This young man is raising its eyebrow, saying, 'What should I do to end this?'
I shuddered as I saw that. His nature is completely cloaked in mystery with no visible end.

A windfall descended.

"You may stop now. Quite a ways off my expectations, no far beyond that even I suppose?"

My employer spoke.




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