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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 13

13 Law of the World


"This is how I usually light up the stove."

The flame vanished from mother's fingertip.
Humans in this world possess a not insignificant amount of mana.

They make use of this handy power to supplement daily life.
An average villager is able to produce a flame like just now about five times a day.

It sure is a handicap for me.
I'm the sole exception to things every single soul in this world capable of. Quite problematic.

However, my mind has derailed already.

(Well, guess that's that then. That was a shock sure, but. That means...)

And now I've got some things to verify.
It's weird how I didn't think [That] odd.
But let's get to it later.
Because the results from [That] I will get from taking up a lot of my time and labor is nothing more than a theory.
But I absolutely have to check [That].

Also one matter I need to ask. An important matter.
"At what age is the coming of age? How many years left can I stay in this village?"

Mother and father had complex emotions washed over their faces, shock from my quick understanding, relief, and anguish. No, there must have been a lot more emotions involved there.

"It's 15. You can live here until then."

I then shoot a rapid barrage of questions.

"What about hunting in the forest? Ways to make tools, knowledge about wild plants? Fieldwork has just started for me."

The two started panicking instead at my aggressive barrage of questions.

"O-oy, we've still got more than enough time. No need to get hasty..."

"D-dad is right, let's take it slow okay?"

I burst into laughter to see a side of them they never showed me before.

"Pu, puku, ahaha!"

Father was surprised to see me, smiled and broke into laughter.
Mother was just as surprised before smiling with tears in her eyes.

This was the first time I had ever laughed since I was born in this world.

Afterward, father left to tend the field for noontime.
Mother also left for her friend's house, so I was house sitting.

"Don't go out of the house, you hear? No telling if someone come to pick on you again like noon."

Thus father warned.
As for mother.

"You don't have to answer if anyone comes visiting. Just stay quiet, okay."

So they told me to prevent trouble.

This wasn't my first house sitting anyway.

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And I've got things to check out.

So, sorry I can't keep that promise. Not with those things. Some of which requires me to leave the house.

(Now then, this is a wholly different world from the one in my past life. Which means, high chance the law of this world is of a foreign one.)

I have been living on like it's natural. Acting like this world's law is exactly like the previous.
Breathing, eating, excreting, sleeping, doing them like it's normal. However...

(Is the thing I'm breathing in, oxygen? If not, what could it be...)

It's suffocating if I don't breathe. Thus breathing is indispensable.
Yet I'm a manaless. Therefore there might be some sort of penalties that come with it.

What about food I ate? The vegetables I saw in the field were all completely novel to me.
Yet, I ate them like it was normal. What kind of nutrients contained within them?

Excretion, physiology. Are [Earth humans] and [this world humans] the same kind of being? Or do they have completely different structures?
And I'm a Blessless. Is having no mana the only difference?

What about physics? Magic is originated from mana. How does that entangle with the law of this world?
Like say the [Flame] mother showed me.
Mana is needed to cast it. But does it only need mana to be sustained then on?
In [Earth] combustibles need oxygen to feed on. But what about in this world?

I've got heaps of things I need to experiment like imagination tests, practical tests, environmental test, action tests, etc.

And the me on the inside is your average office worker, not an expert in any field.
It'll be a long road ahead. But I won't sigh.
If I don't do this, the likelihood of me surviving in this world would become vanishingly low.

And for some reason I'm getting kinda excited. Is this what they call childlike innocence?

To unravel an unknown world. An adventure. Unbefitting of my age.

(Oh yeah, adding up the past and this world me's ages... I'm past 30 huh...)

I pulled myself together from getting a bit down with that fact.

"First of all, [Flame]."

I tried to recollect my vague miscellaneous knowledge, narrowing my focus on survival.

I've gotta run around inside and outside my house to gather the mats needed to start a fire the primitive way.

Now then, it starts now.




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