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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 27

27 Optimism, Swept Over


Likely due to the barrage of shocks, my brain ended up being hazy.

(Why am I here again?)

My experience of working part time during my student days and the optimistic mind set of 'Eh, it'll work out somehow' played a role too I think.
Believing I could just pop up in some random stores asking 'Do you have work for me?', and finding one by luck.

And yet the end point of being swept over is Aryl's [Bodyguard].
How'd it come to this? Is this the natural outcome?

I'm in an inn right now.
In the same room as Aryl's.
I gathered my thought, recalling the chain of events that brought me here.

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The insides of mercenary guild can be summed up as [Stout].
Its interior design is very utilitarian, and kept neat and clean.

"I commissioned someone from mercenary guild to escort me from the empire to this town. I would like to claim insurance money and settlement."

Aryl spoke without hesitation. Clear and sonorous without a hint of anger.

There was no one else in this place, either it was by chance or just the time period.

"P-please wait a moment. I am calling the person in charge."

The receptionist lady panicked for a bit before quickly regaining her composure.
Then she went in a door behind the counter.

I just watched it all while spacing out.

(Guild huh, sure is fantasy. And here I am? Never would've imagined it.)

And now I feel like escaping reality again.

(Gotta accept this is a complete 'Fantasy' now that I'm here...)

Before long, a young man quietly showed up and bowed his head.

"I would like to hear more detail in a room in the back. I hope you understand, if you'd please over here."

He said that calmly and proceeded to walk into a passage next to the receptionist counter without a sound of footstep.
Aryl followed behind him.

We were brought to a room in the furthest back.
The room has no furniture besides a table and chairs for four.

Aryl briskly walked to a chair and sat down even before she was told to.

(Eh? What's with this weird atmosphere... what?)

As I worked as a company employee who's been taught manners, I couldn't understand Aryl's behavior at this time.
I only realized later on that she was acting mad as a victim and put pressure on the guild so she wouldn't be taken lightly.

The man in charge offered me a seat as I stood there dumbfounded.

"Please have a seat as well. I've had people to bring us tea. Do take a breather for now."

The door opened right afterward, and another woman different from the receptionist brought a pot in.
She poured light brown liquid on cups lined up on the table.

(Tea? Quite the fragrant though... is this like Chinese tea?)

The fragrant spurred that thought, but I'm not actually well versed in tea.
I sipped my cup and tucked away the random thought into the corner of my mind.

The pot woman had left the room before I knew it.

"Now then, let me hear what happened in detail."

With that signal from the man, Aryl slowly explained the situation.




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