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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 31

31 Merchant Association


I pondered as I looked at the busy moving crowd.

(Wonder if there's a game center anywhere. Man, I just can't let go of this one lingering attachment...)

The flow of crowd made me hallucinate scenes from my past life.

I thought I had already accepted this reality after 15 long years, yet coming to this city made me realize 'It wasn't the case at all.'

(I had to work out and do form training every single day to deceive the frustration of not being able to play games.)

I kept walking behind Aryl as we entered the business district of the main street.

In the end, I accepted her 'Bodyguard' offer.

The conversation went like this...


"Um! If you're looking for a job, would you like to work as my bodyguard?"

"...Hm? A bodyguard?"

"Yes, I'm aware it's rude of me to ask that to my savior, but you're... um? S-strong? Aren't you? So I'd like to hire you as my bodyguard, or a helper, assistant if you may, even for just one dealing I have to do in this city. Your rewards will be included in your wages. What do you think?"

"Ah, okay. You mean something like a porter and such? Sure. Then, guess I'll be in your care for a while. Thank you."

"Eh? Ah! Y-yes, likewise."

"Well then, what's the plan after this?"

"I'm going to the merchant association to negotiate for a permit and location for my store, please come with me."

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So it went.

My brain didn't really grasp the meaning of 'Bodyguard'.
I started recalling a famous western movie as I watched Aryl talking in high tension.
Ignoring how her 'Strong' word had a question mark, I gave it a thought as she talked.

(I've got no concrete plan in mind anyway, might as well use this chance to study the world. No harm in it. I can learn about money and value of things too.)

She looked bewildered when I readily agreed for some reason. Did she think I wouldn't give an immediate answer?

And now the two of us are heading toward that merchant association thing on foot.

As I watched Aryl from behind, I was impressed by her brisk footwork as expected of a merchant, a novice she may be.
She pushed her way through the crowd while nonchalantly checking prices of ware in stores along the way.

Before long, we arrived before the association's building.
Next to me, Aryl is taking a deep breath to calm herself.
Can't blame her. There's a super huge open door in front of us.

(It's huge enough to fit two wagons side by side...)

The things that caught my eyes right after arriving in this city were wagons, a common thing in fantasy. However they weren't tied to the draft animals, it wasn't the full thing.
An entrance big enough to let the whole thing go in, isn't that a bit much?
I was shocked since merchant association differed so much from the image I had.

But next to me, Aryl went in undaunted. As her bodyguard, I followed after her.

We got into a wide open space.
It seems to be a space used for negotiations, it's fitted with many ornamented luxurious chairs and tables, even the partitioning screens are gorgeous.
The windows are of stained glass? Chandeliers in the ceiling. The flooring is of pure white tiles, jam packed.

(Way too bright! Eyes! My eyeees!)

My head is full of reference to a certain person's end.

Next to me, Aryl confidently walked up to a receptionist counter.
There, a plump aged man called out to her like he saw something curious.

"Oho, now this is unusual. I don't believe there is any appointment left today. You uninvited guest?"

His voice was deep and firm.





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