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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 26

26 Shock & Shock


My impression can be summed up as [It doesn't feel real].
My eyes have been darting all over the place. A complete bumpkin.
Later, Aryl told me my behavior was like announcing 'Please mess with me', that was embarrassing.

The townscape was the very picture of 'Fantasy' just like the people in it.
I never cared about different hair color in the village since it was a slow life.
And now I'm hit with another culture shock.

Aryl who was walking ahead turned around and looked at me.

"Will you go with me together to the mercenary guild?"

I was pulled back to reality with that sudden request. I must have got a goofy look on my face there.
I had no plan whatsoever after arriving at this town.
Like a windfall or perhaps I was just getting swept around, I gave my OK to her.

"Err... Sorry for the trouble? Thank you...?"

"Fufufu. I was the one getting saved you know? I should be the one doing the thank you. And also, I have to report to the mercenary guild, I'd like you to be my witness."

Aryl was right to laugh. The incoherent things coming out of my mouth showed how nonplussed I was being.
I wasn't able to gain such common sense or knowledge in the village due to the community there.
This world is vast. I need to learn common sense and general knowledge if I want to keep going.
It's a new wall I've got to slowly shave down. Otherwise, I won't be able to even glimpse the future.

"I've never gone a step outside my village, so I lack common sense. Could I trouble you to teach me a bit on that matter?"

"Oh, is that right. I'm happy to help as much as I could. It's a life you've saved after all. This much isn't enough to express my gratitude. I'll get proper rewards ready later!"

"Thank you. I'll take you up on your words."

I got a bit taken aback by Aryl's enthusiasm.

If you don't know something, just ask. I'm pretty much a foreign being in this world. I know nothing. I've got no shame nor honor.
I was delighted to find someone who would answer my questions, without realizing that I had gotten myself dragged into trouble by this point.

"Let us head out then. I'll answer what I can as we walk there."

We used the walk to the guild as a Q&A session.

"What should I explain? Anything on your mind you'd like to know first?"

"Sorry, since I'm completely clueless, I don't even know where to begin..."

That was when it hit me.

"Ah, please teach me about [Money]. I have no idea about standard of value."

Aryl had her mouth open in agape.
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"Y...yes, I understand. We're starting from the basic..."

Aryl seemed to have 'Got' it and gave a thorough explanation.
As expected of a merchant, she even brought out examples so I managed to form a concrete image on the general value of things.

A dime = 200 yen
One copper coin = 1000 yen
One silver coin= 10,000 yen
One gold coin = 100,000 yen
Platinum = one million yen

Each has a, dragon?, stamp on them.

Or so it's roughly like. It's fantasy.
Another shock hit me, I really am an otherworlder.
I thought I was already prepared for this, but in reality I merely averted my eyes from it. It's escapism.
I couldn't get [Used] to this world.

(I was too naive... Mom and dad must have limited what to teach me, seeing how overprotective they were...)

But the answer is clear. The fault doesn't lies on other.

(The thought should have crossed my mind, yet I was getting spoiled by my circumstances and didn't proactively seek it out... I was the problem.)

However, it was also true that my hands were full just trying to survive in this other world, so I 'Overlooked' it.
No one can possibly get everything right when they suddenly get thrown into this situation. None has the right to blame me.
Humans are weak. They won't go out of their way to look at issues they don't want to see. At least not until the issue gets shoved right in their face.

We arrived in front of mercenary guild before I realized. Aryl stopped in front of a building.
Next to it, the most eye catching thing is a huge [Sword] and [Shield] wooden sign.
Then a wide open entrance.

"I will take care of the things here, you only need to respond when asked."

Before long, Aryl went in the entrance.
I followed along.

"Welcome to Mercenary Guild. How may we be of help?"

A clear voice of a woman resounded in the room.




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