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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 19

19 Where Power Headed to


The knife is slowly drawing near. Aimed at my solar plexus.
Just before it reached me, I took a half step back with one leg, twisted the center of my body to dodge it, grasped his hand and bent his elbow in at the fulcrum.

(Gotta match my speed without exerting power, there you go.)

I want to conceal this [Power]. Or to be more exact, I'm still unable to grasp the full extent of this power, so I can't go all out yet.

(I actually can but someone will wind up dead for sure...)

I've got to check it out one of these days. But this isn't the time for that.
Though I don't think that chance will come during this peaceful life.
However, I must be ready to give it my all when the time calls for it, such as a matter of life and death like this.
I'm still not ready yet to kill. Yet such a shallow line of thinking could potentially cost me things dear to me. Someday.
To be kind to others and strict to oneself isn't easy. But that doesn't mean you should resign yourself to fate either.
Yet wishing for things to conveniently go your way is only human.

(Wonder where can I find some evil guys no one gonna complain even when killed... would make for a good test for my full strength.)

A dangerous idea crossed my mind which I immediately shut out.

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As the knife tip rest on his neck, the village elder raised his voice.
Father also immediately moved and shouted.

"Fool! What are you doing! Don't be hasty! ...Aa...?"
"You! Where'd you hide that knife! ...Wha...?"

The two reacted too slow. It's over already.
That I'm behind his back, so they can't see me also doesn't help.

A knife was coming at me, I dealt with it and twisted the arm pointing the knife at the assaulter's neck instead.
All of that was done before they could let out a voice.
Them sounding dumbfounded at the end is understandable.

"This is the proof of this guy's monstrosity! He caught arrows shot at him bare handed! So many arrows! This guy is a plague! He must be a demon or something! We gotta exile this guy from this village, or else we're all done for!"

(Not pulling any punch huh. Maybe I should just crush those four like this guy wanted?)

I haven't said a word so far because I want keep our contact at minimum.
Any extraneous communication is likely gonna have the opposite effect anyway.

"Whether he's a monster or a plague has no bearing so long as our village stays unaffected. The one who's been making trouble with unwarranted actions is you. Not this guy."

The boy hasn't seem to give up yet, he's still resisting.

"Getting in contact with this guy being your own responsibility is a decision agreed upon by the whole village. You do hunting at the forest, do you not? It's the same thing. If you intend to reap lives, you must be prepared to have yours reaped as well. Surely you have been taught as much."

Father slowly took the knife away from the boy's hand.
Then I released him.

"Even if he has been abandoned by god or even if he's a demon, this boy is our one and only son. We will keep him safe no matter what. No matter who is it against."

Father declared powerfully.
I almost cried when I heard that, but the one crying turned out to be.


This guy.

"I won't pursue you four for your crime. However, your parents must take responsibility. Especially your fathers who keep insisting him as a calamity."

(Well, they didn't teach their kids to not mess with me after all. If I were really a calamity and doing that ended up badly for the village, that'd be ridiculous instead.)

Not like I'm gonna do that of course.

"Depending on their explanation, they may have to resign from their positions."

Their parents must have worked behind the scene, preventing their deeds from coming into light thus far.
But a violent act was carried out right before the elder's eyes just now. Even though it failed.
Were I dead here and some disaster befell this village, taking responsibility would be the least of those guys' problem.
I don't plan on dying though.

"I must extend you my deepest apologies. You may resume your life as is."

Thus ended the talk.

And just as I was about to leave the door outside, behind us the elder quietly spoke, "Forgive me."





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