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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 28

28 Fact, Lie and Truth


Aryl narrated her story herself.
The man in charge listened to her with a serious look.
As for me, I was just spacing out.

(What should I do after this? Testify, leave the guild, part ways with Aryl, and then what?)

Thinking again, I don't even have an ID. Homeless and unemployed if I go by previous life's standard.
Not knowing how the [Society] in this world works is a fatal mistake.
Am I heading straight to slum?

"I understand the gist of the situation. I shall disclose the situation at the Empire's guild as a review."

I was pulled back to reality when the man said that, I began listening.

Mercenary works have been decreasing at the empire in recent years.
Due to that, those with lower ranks can't find jobs.
Among those is the scoundrel type who started creating trouble for money.
Those who dip their hands in criminal activities carry them out in brutal fashions, the guild itself takes this issue seriously and proactively forces regulation.
Paying settlement is part of this effort.

(What's... the empire again?)

The word [Empire] caught my attention.
I'm utterly clueless about this world's geography and history, so the word doesn't ring any bell.

(Gotta study in library and likes... Also I wanna take a trip to many places.)

This just after I was feeling down for not having address or job, I can't believe myself sometimes.
I really don't know anything.

"Well then, before we proceed to the matter of settlement, I'd like to ask you a few questions, is that all right?"

"Eh? Me? W-what is it?"

I stammered at the sudden question thrown at me.

"Oh it's nothing complicated. I merely wish to hear more in detail from you. We collect any and all information no matter how trivial, for the sake of minimizing victims in the future. It would be a great help if you could cooperate."

The man bowed. To a youngster like me.
This man has been wearing a calm atmosphere all this time, emanating a bigwig aura. Guy seems high caliber.

I left my village after coming of age, came across Aryl getting attacked along the way here and ambushed the enemies, defeating them all in the process. Aryl also helped by throwing rocks at them and most of all, luck was on our side.

I won't speak the truth. It's clear as day that if my [Power] ever gets found out, I'm gonna get dragged into trouble.
It's as sure as burping after drinking carbonated drinks.
My answer had plenty of lies mixed in. I don't care even if they sound dubious.

The man kept asking a variety of questions, but I managed to give mostly non conflicting answers. I pushed through with, 'I was too focused to notice anything else', and 'I was lucky' excuses.

"Then lastly, please tell me your name."

"I'm not worthy enough to name myself."

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I said it.
A line I had always wanted to say just once in life.
Things were hazy and I had no sense of reality until this point, resulting in this shameful behavior.
That was just too much.
My regret was quickly returned with an adult-like response.

"Is that right, then so be it."

I was relieved to hear the lack of intonation in those words.

(Ah is this what they call reading the mood...)

That was appreciated since I have no intention to casually divulge my name everywhere.
Name is the most basic way to specify an individual.
Though there's no real point in fussing over that since I've got the supposedly [Unreal] black hair and black eyes.
In fact, I only saw blond hair and blue eyes all the way here to the guild.
The matter with name is nothing more than a [Mood] thing, a result of a fiddling line of thinking.

"Very well then, we're just glad you're safe and sound. We are currently preparing your settlement, please wait a moment here."

The man left the room after saying that.

Aryl let out a long sigh once the door was closed.

"Haa... That was nerve wrecking. I'm amazed you could act so calmly there."

"Eh? What's this about?"

"That man is the guildmaster, you know? I've heard he doesn't come out in person often. He only does so with large firms who have commissioned a huge number of requests, or those who belong to upper echelons."

"Eh? It's not like I know that, and to begin with, what does that got to do with me?"



A weird mood formed, then after a bit,

"I mean you're right and all..."

She reacted half given up.

I ask Aryl one thing here.

"Please don't talk about what I did to other people."





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