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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 32

32 Way


I forgot just how intense the repulsion toward me, [Black], in my village.
Because no one tried to mess with me here despite the bizarre glances sent my way.
Aryl didn't say anything either, so I thought that's just [How it is].

"I am here to negotiate for my temporary registration at the Merchant Association. Could you spare the time to?"

"Fumu, I believe it's already closing time now. Oh, but I don't mind dealing with you with some [Gratuity], you get it?"

Aryl who got straight to the point, and the old man who responded to him unpleasantly.

(Asking for a bribe right out of the gate, damn...)

I decided to just watch over this sudden 'Low' development.
I'm in no position to butt in anyway, no turn for me. Or so I thought at this time.

"But from what I've checked beforehand, there should be plenty of time until closing time? I don't think there is a fee attached to temporary registration either."

"Hohou... So you're saying you're not going to show your appreciation for taking my time?"

"I've been taught that in business, [Trust] between clients and merchants as well as equal [Profit] are the most important things."

While I was getting captivated by the needlessly extravagant interior, the air in the room saw a sudden change.
The few other people who were in the room besides us quickly moved to near the walls or left altogether.

Glancing at Aryl, her face looks composed yet her body is trembling a bit.

I can't read the room. But even as someone ignorant of common sense in this world, I understand that this old man is bluntly asking for bribe money.

"But those words ring hollow without the strength to defend oneself, no?"

The old man slowly stood up, left his counter and clapped twice. The sound echoed well in this room, and further beyond.
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"Will you show me your strength? Young miss?"

With that line, a nearly two meter man who's built like a boulder came out of the door in the back.

The man lumbered here and politely introduced himself in a stern voice matching his build.

"A pleasure to have you acquainted. My name is Randolf, an employee of this Merchant Association. Nice to meet you."

Belying his appearance, his attitude was far from haughty, in fact, he sounded apologetic instead.

But the pressure emanating from him froze Aryl up. Her mouth shut, she's not greeting back.

(Greetings are important as a member of society. Guess I'll cover her here.)

The vestige of my office worker day gleamed here.
I walked up next to Aryl and greeted while ridiculing myself.

"Hello there, Randolf-san. I'm her bodyguard."

Even someone slow like me understood what's going on.

Defend oneself, strength, then a big man came out.
An implicit way to tell us to [Fight].
To make it clear which side is stronger. Easy to understand.
Something like this would have got you arrested in previous life, but this is another world.
I may not know the rules and laws of this world yet, but the way of [Combat] is another thing.
It looks to be my turn now, but there's something I'm anxious of.

(I still can't adjust my power even now... How do I go about this...?)

The reason I'm able to act calmly standing before Randolf is due to my experience demolishing a magic beast in the village.
I could have easily beaten this guy, but killing him will likely result in a huge mess, and I don't plan to to begin with.
I'm stumped, gotta figure out how to deal with this.




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