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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 22

22 Oneself


Later, father told me that the beast I killed is a magic beast.

Villagers who came across us on our way back trembled in fear, had funny expressions on their faces from shock, froze up they wouldn't dare move a muscle, or screamed out loud, really all kinds.

As we arrived back home, mother got knocked off her feet and passed out from excessive shock.

We woke her up and I explained, 'I did promise this morning after all', which she replied with a dry laugh, 'Ha, hahaha....'

Father and mother called their friends to help with stripping the magic beast clean.
These people have stayed friend with my parents even after I was born as a Blessless.
Being promised a portion of the materials as a give and take for helping also didn't hurt.

(Well, I could have finished it in an instant if I just used [Acceleration].)

But I can't do that. I'm staying out of the work.

I'll stay away from other villagers until the very end. Even if I'm leaving this village tomorrow, the condition must be upheld.

The dinner that night was grand.
Even liquor usually only served during harvest festivals was there.

"Alright, it's family time. Let's drink."

"I'm still not of age though?"

"My, what's wrong with it, you'll be one tomorrow anyway. Don't be cold now!"

Mother filled her cup and gulped it down in one dash.
I was surprised to see this side of mother I never knew.

The meal tonight became the most striking memory I had in this village.

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Morning the following day. Father and mother are seeing me off at the village's gate.

"Mom, dad, thank you for taking care of me all this time."

It was short because we already exchanged farewell during last night meal.

But father quietly squeezed a whisper with his face turned down the ground.

"Just who are you..."

Mother standing right next to him didn't seem to catch it.

Yet, I clearly heard it. I ended up hearing it.

I turned around while feigning ignorance, silently walked past the gate and left the village without turning back.

From this moment onward, I'm by myself.

(I am Saitou Shunichi, an ordinary office worker. Sales dept.)

Father's word made me strongly recall my previous life.
The one who lived in this village was [Me], yet also not.
'Who am I' huh?
The answer would be 'Me' before I got reincarnated.

I rejected having everything be reset. I reinforced the belief that I am me from the bottom of my heart. That time.

I recall the feeling I had forgotten from that time.

"I want to get a punch on god. A punch filled with this rage for getting me forcefully reincarnated into this world."

I put that hopeless and unrealistic wish into words.
So that I won't ever forget this anger. So that I won't forget who I am.

That said, it'd be boring to fixate myself on that so I tuck it away into the corner of my mind.

"Okay now, guess I'll run."

This morning, I've decided to head to a commercial city where I likely can find a job.
It's a straight road there from here. Running all the way there in place of the usual work out regime sounds like a good idea.

"What to do about breakfast?"

I took a stance while shouldering the big rucksack on my back like they're lightweight feathers.

"Yoi... Don!"

I vanished from the spot, appearing in the far horizon a moment later.

====  =====

I had been running for a while. And just as I was about to consult my stomach about having meal, I saw figures of people.
Their state brought about shock, astonishment and curiosity all at once.

"Oy oy, what is this, a prime [Template] or something?"

Around 15 men have surrounded a lone girl right in the middle of this nowhere road.





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