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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 15

15 Prey


Our target has dark brown fur, developed back legs and forelegs that point forward.
It kind of looks like a rabbit yet not really. Or so the animal looks. And the most striking part is how its face is, how to put it, 'caved in'?
It's what you get if you punch a rabbit in the face, crushing it.

And this thing is the game in this hunt.
They proliferate like crazy resulting in their huge number. Essentially they're the lowest chain in the ecosystem.

(It's so ugly I'm losing appetite... No, gotta keep it together.)

I took a stance with my bow, breathed deeply and focused.
Staring only at the target, losing sight of my surroundings.

Suddenly, a rustling sound could be heard somewhere afar.

Our target stiffened up for a moment before making an attempt to run.

(Crap! It's gonna run away! But I'd miss if I shot now...!)

despite panicking, I kept my focus with the arrow nocked and my eyes fixed at my target.

That was when I experienced an odd sensation.

This animal apparently has no name. Let's just call it [Rabbit] for convenience's sake.
That hybrid livestock has a name yet this one doesn't. Weird.

I was taught points of note before we went.
This thing has some explosive power, once it starts running, each leap covers a huge distance, so hunting them must be done through ambush, not pursue.
Father mentioned how much trouble this trait caused him.

But what's unfolding before me is this [Rabbit] moving in [Super Slow Motion] as it turns around and attempts to jump away.
My eyes even fully catches the entire detail of its back legs strongly kicking the ground in slow motion.

(Ah is this the so called [Zone], a state of supreme focus athletes experience?)

While my brain came up with the answer, the rabbit slowly flew in the air and landed on the ground.
I aimed for when it stopped for a moment just as it touched the ground...


'Hyun', by the time that sound of arrow piercing the wind was heard, the rabbit had already been shot through.

"You managed to hit that huh... Impressive."

Father patted my head as he said that.

"Nah, I missed my aim and hit it by chance. Guess luck was on my side?"

Embarrassed by the patting, I made that [Excuse].
However, in reality it was neither a [Miss], [Chance] nor was it through [Luck].

I was fully in control.

(I'm 100% sure. My whole body felt that my aim would not miss.)

A total opposite to my [Excuse].

But there's no point of saying that now.
And so I spoke thus.

"Can't wait for dinner tonight!"

"Yeah, sure is. Can't wait. It's your first catch after all."

"Gotta help mom. Cooking meat I hunted myself sounds so nice!"

"Don't forget you have to strip the meat clean first yourself, hear me? I've shown you how, many times before, you can do it, yeah?"

"Yup I'll be fine. Ah yeah, gotta drain the blood first."

Afterward, we made a triumphant return home with the spoil of war.

(If I recall right, even pro players may only experience that once in their lifetime, and not all of them did. That phenomenon... Surely that's never gonna happen again, right?)

That thought crossed my mind but quickly got erased.

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Time goes by since then, I turn 12.
A daily life of nothing exciting. Leading an uneventful life.
If there's one thing changed, it'll be my skill at hunting and processing catches progressing to the point of being better than father.

I'm doing farmwork on my own this day, currently taking a rest after finishing my share early.
Going back now at noon would be too quick, so I'm just taking it easy sitting around.

"I'm gonna end you for sure today! You damn manaless!"

That was when the leader of the usual four made his presence known.

(Aren't they tired of this crap...)

How many years has it been since I came across these guys again? They've been a thorn on my side ever since that stone throwing event.
After that point on, they would try to pick on me by all means possible every three to four days.
Their names? Beats me. Don't care. What's the use of knowing their names in my life.

Father had complained so many times to these four's parents, asking them to stop their kids.
But they seem to ignore him, there's been no difference whatsoever.

"Come on out you!"

They themselves likely don't even understand why they're bullying me, but a combination of repulsion toward someone different than them and their obstinacy of not wanting to lose or back down must result in their violent actions.

(So far, I've always let them slide since there was no harm done.)

I've lost count how many times they charged at me. I turned the table on them every single time.
Carefully as to not wound them of course. Otherwise, who knows what they're gonna frame it as.

"What is it now. I'm on break. Make it quick."

Throwing stones, trying to hit me with wooden clubs, jumping kicks from behind a cover, throwing water in a bucket. Etc.
The full line up of the classics. They even made an attempt to tie me in a rope once.

Well, I easily dodged it all though.
They never learned a thing and always came back for more.

It can't be that their parents ordered them to [Get to it], can it...?
Or it can? It sure seems like it...

(Their parents instigated them to escalate this further?)

These guys readied their bows and nocked their arrows at me.
I'll say it again. This is no joke.
I got a bit worked up, but no, calm down bear with it.

"Get him!"

The arrow tips have been dulled so they're not sharp, but their aim was unacceptable.

"Oy... What's the big idea aiming at my face, huh?"

Of course, none of the arrows hit. Cause I caught them with my bare hands before they did.

Yes, I am now able to freely control that sensation I experienced in my first hunt.
I found out how everything slows down if I just concentrate, with me the sole being able to move normally.
How did I found out? Thanks to these four.

The impetus was when they tried to hit me with wooden clubs during a point of time I was really fed up with their constant bullying.
I found it odd at first how they kept their clubs aloft unmoving, but I started getting flustered when they wouldn't swing it down no matter how long I waited.

(Oy oy, even Polna**ff's gonna turn white as sheet at this... Is this The [World]!?)

Powered up far beyond [That] time I hunted rabbit.

(Is this the result of my daily work out regime? You're kidding me right...)

I only found out the reason behind this much later, completely escaping me at this point of time.

(Maybe I should throw these arrows I caught back at them...)

I tried to suppress my anger by recalling some north star fist user.

But that effort was in vain as these four kept shooting arrows at me without even giving a room for breather.

I kept calmly catching all arrows particularly flying in my direction despite my anger gauge rising near the top.

They finally used up all their arrows and then tried to retreat while leaving their usual line.

"You monster! I'll get you next time--"

Oh no you don't, not today. N O M E R C Y. N O E S C A P E.

I threw the arrows in my hands at them, I aimed so these arrows would miss them but still fly right past their eyes.

The arrows made whistling sounds as they pierced the trunk of a tree beyond them.

I'll arrange a place of discussion to knock these four off with their game.
Yup, let's do that.
I want to live in peace in the future.





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