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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 33

33 Looming Crisis


How did this turn into a [Combat]?
Is this the handiwork of the devil, god, or fate? No, I'm not going that far.
In the end, no matter what I did or didn't, no one, not even god can do anything about this if this is [Cause and Effect].
I don't think even god is capable of manipulating the spiral of causality, and if god were capable of such feat, surely god would only act as a spectator and wouldn't waste time on some random human.

I made a mad dash once the village was out of sight, met and saved Aryl, then we walked to the city together.
By this point, the [Motion has been set].
I would get dragged into some form of trouble no matter what.
Though my passiveness and letting myself get swept by the flow is probably a contributing factor.

Now then, I gotta make sure to keep my power a secret.
How do I get them recognize my power without letting its secret known yet not make me look weak?
My head hurts.

"He's a former mercenary once famed as the [Red Bear]. Oh but I suppose you can tell just from a glance, can't you? If you don't want to get hurt... still, that small young man, a bodyguard? Hahaha, and he doesn't flinch nor attempts to flee, quite admirable indeed."

"I'm honored to hear your praise."

I returned his sarcastic remark as is.

(Still this old man sure doesn't look like a small time villain. Who is he anyway? Seems like he's plotting something...?)

"Now then, let's make this quick. Are you ready?"

"Whenever you are."

"That composure of yours is comical. Fumu, then there is no need to hold back, Randolf, give it your all."

Aryl retreated far back behind me.
Randolf looked dubious to hear his order, but he gripped his fists with all his strength still.

He puts on a [Stance] as if pulling a bowstring to the limit, the pressure he's given off is unlike a boulder, instead it's like an unrestrained powerful whip.

(Ah, damn awesome... the pressure's no joke.)

Aryl who had retreated far back couldn't endure it and stepped even further back until the wall.

"Do it."

With that order, the giant fist drew near me.

====  ====
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With me in [Accelerated] state, it's like he's moving in slow motion.

(He must be super fast in reality. It's said that a jab from a pro can't be dodged by amateurs after all.)

But for some mysterious reason, I'm capable of this in this world.

(This [Acceleration] state would have sapped the fun out of fighting sport... Cheat? Nope, can't be, can it? Aren't those usually given by gods? I rejected god's blessing though...?)

Even though I learned martial arts by mimicking moves, I'm pretty much an amateur. I did do matches and practices against other people, but it was on the level of hobbyists.
This [Power] is beyond me. But thanks to this power, I'm no longer afraid of this [World], I manage to save Aryl and don't have to feel bad about it.
The leeway to have [Flee] as an option when it gets dangerous also helps lessen the burden on my mind.

However, I'd like to keep this to myself. I don't wanna get dragged into bothersome stuff because someone wants to make use of this power.
I wanna live somewhere hidden and spend my life [Reminiscing Good Ol' Days] without any human contact.
Not like the people in this world will get it even if I talk about [Fighting Games] or [Game Center] anyway.

(Ah, it's about to reach my face soon...)

I didn't try to think up ways to deal with this.

(Eyy, dangitall! Whichever goes!)

The action I took as the timer was ticking close to zero without hitting on any good idea was...

====  ====

With the full length arm extended, the giant boulder-like fist has stopped on a small open palm.

The one punching, Randolf himself felt a totally foreign fear of the unknown running down his spine.





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