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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 64

64 Indispensable Part of Fantasy


The door was slowly opened. Eltros went in the room, followed by me.
And this boss, Damo was just terrible. What's terrible about him you ask?

It's like a concentrated mass of ugliness. Wearing a black robe, overt jewellery garnishes his entire body and more.
A fattened up pig that looks like he's about to pop open any second.
The thing is taking up the entire width of a very sturdy looking sofa where it sits.
A deluxe monster where everything is doubly extra.

====  ≠====  ≠====

Damo Cherikston. Born in a merchant house. His parents would spoil him rotten long before he gained awareness, similarly when growing up.
Naturally his personality turned into an arrogant tyrannical one.
With all the money he had, he could buy everything he wanted. Selfishly having his ways, ordering around his employees.
He grew up into a man who would use any and all means to gain advantages and profit himself at the expense of other, all while believing that is only right.
He made his move soon after he came of age. As a moneylender using his excess amount of pocket money.
But he was an usurer. A typical loanshark mafia, resorting to ruthless violence to those who couldn't pay, he also got his hands dirty on land speculations, asset seizures, and even human trafficking.
Everything was done by his subordinates, while he himself never took the spotlight besides raking in the money. He wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice his underlings if there were a search. A completely wicked at heart money-grubbing dirtbag. He's also quite cautious.
His father died just as he turned 25. After he took over the business, he sent away his mother to a health resort as a pretext and took complete control. He then used this mercantile house as a cover for his base of operation where he dabbled in all kinds of crimes.
And eventually, a huge crime syndicate was formed in this commercial city.
It didn't take long until the framework was completed and money would automatically flow in without him as much as lift a finger.
He would get anything he wanted with this money.
However, he never figures out that in this world, there are things money just can't buy.
And soon, the man is going to experience firsthand just what that means.

≠====  ≠====  ≠====
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"Hmph, what do you want? Someone of your stature talking face to face with me... Know your place."

Even talking seems to be an ordeal for the man.
Six women are standing in a row near the wall behind Damo. All quite the beauties. Captivating.
However, they're all gloomily looking down with bitter faces. Wonder if it's because those collars on them.

(Ah man, are you for real. Who coulda thought I'd come across them here.)

Beautiful lustrous waist-long silver hair, and long pointy ears poking out of it.
Essential in Fantasy. Elves.
They're wearing simple white dress, all looking down unmoving.
The gems embedded on their collars dazzlingly reflect lights. Seemingly serving a function.

(There must be a story behind these girls. Ah, guess it's that usual pattern?)

Probably slaves. It's easy to guess from the mood around them.
Another template, another thing I just can't overlook otherwise it'd leave a bad taste.
While I was captivated by the elves and trying to come up with ways to free them, I got brought into the discussion.

"Yes, I beg your forgiveness. But this man here has an urgent message he needs to tell Damo-sama directly."

Eltros said that and moved behind me. I caught a glance of him sweating bullet.

"So you're the boss of this syndicate, yeah?"

"You! How dare you! Watch your tone! Eei! Cut him down now! What an eyesore!"

With that command, ten heavily armed men showed up out of nowhere in the room.





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