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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 86

86 Alleyways


"I have your travel expense here with me. Please accept it."

The butler handed over a full fat sack of cash. Serena took it and put it inside the magic bag.

"May you have a safe trip. Farewell."

Thus the group left with a magnificent bowing behind them. Serena thought. This Eltros man must be very much terrified of milord.

(Magic bags are highly valuable objects... and three of them were handily given out. From what I've checked, there's more than sufficient amount of items inside as well.)

This much preferential treatment makes Serena suspicious of Eltros plotting something instead.

(The promptness of it all is also not normal. He must have spent a significant amount of capital to make it possible. And then there's this excessive amount of travel expense. Does he not mind spending any amount of money if it means milord gone...)

However, Serena didn't say anything to that. After all her lord himself does not seem to mind.
Then all she needs to do here is to remain silent. She simply has to focus on guiding her lord to their country.

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We briskly walked through the alleyways. We got a map before we left.
None of us knows the roads in this city. Moronic as that sound.
I've only been here for two days, while the elves were confined in Damo's mansion.
It only hit on me when we were just about to leave. When I asked the butler for a map, he swiftly took a paper out of his pocket and drew a map for us. The shortest route that takes us to the gate.

As we kept advancing through a deserted slum, I asked about something that had been bugging me.

"By the way, were there only six of those collar things? I kinda don't like the idea of more of those being used for evil."

I crushed the gem parts after taking their collars off, but I never asked if there were more.

"You are too kind milord. Please worry not. Those six were all they possessed. We had confirmed this fact after pressuring a confession out of that man."

Did she mean Damo or Eltros by that man. The elves seemed to see a huge potential issue with the matter as they explained the detail to me.

"They are known as forbidden devices, the most difficult objects to obtain in the market. We have confirmed that Eltros was present when Damo acquired them."

Apparently it was Eltros. Did he get interrogated by these six beauties? Is that heaven or hell. Since he was Damo's subordinate, these elves must have been eager to punish him too.
I'm guessing Eltros must have been on the receiving end of an extreme pressure.

As I started getting relaxed, a lone man is standing in our path.
He's got a rapier hanging on his waist. Wearing leather armor and light protectors.
He spoke thus while glaring dagger at me.

"Yoo, you with black hair, black eyes, no mistake 'bout it. I've got business with ya. Come with me."

I walked pass by that man while getting amazed by that line.
Amazed by the fact that I got dragged into trouble three days straight.
Taking him seriously would only spiral out into a mess anyway, might as well pick the silent treatment.

"Oy! Damn you! Didn't ya hear me? Hey wait! Listen to me dangit!"

The man didn't seem to think I would silently walk pass by him, he was dumbfounded for a moment before quickly going around me.
I kept ignoring him and just walked on. I want to leave this city asap. Because I don't want to get into a mess like this. There's no end to it if I keep responding to every one of them.

"Yer ain't gonna listen huh? Prepare for some pain then. Ain't good for my job if I get taken lightly of y'know."

I stopped when he drew his sword. This man either doesn't think I have six more people besides me, or he's confident enough on his ability to take us all on.

Guess I could at least answer him.

"I'm leaving this city. Sorry but I can't listen to your demand."

"Oy, don'tcha think I'd let that slide. I'm gonna take you by force. I've got a quest to finish here see. I ain't no brat's errand boy, like hell I'm just gonna say yes."

"Then bring that person who has business with me here. Dunno where you're taking me, but someone who tried to take another by force without even naming himself is nothing but a kidnapper."

"Say yer' thanks when an adult responds dang you! You're such a pain. Mercenary Guild's master is asking for you."

This guy seems to be an unexpectedly upright man, he gave the answers to 'where' and 'who'.

"Still no."

The man's expression vanished right after I said that.

"Yeah? Okay then. I'm gonna drag you there even if I gotta slice up your limbs."

He pointed his rapier at me, crouched down and composed his breathing.

"Disperse. Meet up at the gate ahead of us. You girls get away now."

I spoke in a volume only the elves could hear. I don't plan to keep this guy company. No more.
And to begin with, I've got a bad feeling about meeting the guild master. It's nothing more than an intuition though.

'Disperse after I count to three', I told them.

"1, 2, 3."

Apparently the man never accounted the elves from the start. He didn't even glance at the dispersing elves as he made a straight charge at me right at the '3' count.




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