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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 75

75 Flourishing Business


I'm walking toward Eltros's hideout after leaving merchant association.
It's still bright outside but nearing dusk.
The Main Street is less crowded than usual.

"Man I'm peckish... forgot to have lunch."

As I rubbed my stomach, I recalled what I told Eltros. Which is.

Don't mess with the elves. Treat them well.
Turn all Damo's belongings into cash. Use it to purchase all the houses in the slum and the backstreet, demolish all buildings and erect new ones. Hire people mainly from the slum for the construction work.
Let the slum inhabitants live in the new houses, and employ them as members of the organization as a clause in the contract.

No crime. No killing, thievery, burglary, soliciting, loansharking etc. Any kind of crime is strictly forbidden.
Eltros protested back to that, 'You're telling us to completely overhaul what we've been doing forever!?', so I gave him an idea.

"With that many more people... Right. You could form an Information Guild, no? You can make them work in all kinds of business as a cover. The rest is all yours. Do your best!"

Dumping everything, or not exactly. You can only put your trust for this kind of things.
I tasked him to coax the other executives too. I know nothing about that, so Eltros it is.
Giving him just one vague hint.

"Just tell 'em like, you got some powerful backing and usurped the boss perhaps? Casually touch upon the 50 men I wrecked."

If that won't do, I don't mind giving a demonstration before all of them, I told Eltros.
I'm thinking of punching some random rock in the garden into dust to make them understand. People simply won't believe in [Power] unless they witness it first hand.
Also, I'm keeping the fact that I was surprised to find the word usurping has the same meaning in this world a secret. There's still lots of terms I gotta study in this world.

Eltros ridiculed me, 'You're mad!', but it's not like I anticipated things would go this way either.
Foresight? Is that tasty? Who would have known the end result was this? Please introduce me to that person if they exist. It's all too late though.
In for a penny, in for a pound, if I didn't do this thoroughly, there would be more victims in the future. I have some awareness in how to use my power to an extent.

(My existence does not conform to this world. The way Randolf's ramming attack ended from me blocking it should have been physically impossible. My [Power] works in a separate principle or law.)

I'm getting depressed from the thought of peaceful life going far away. Suppressing the urge to run away and leave everything behind.
I'm responsible for snapping and doing what came after. Gotta wipe my own ass.
Even if it means dealing with the problem ahead by randomly coming up with stuff on the spot.

I have no sympathy on Eltros for getting ordered around by me.
In fact, the guy had been leading a life full of crimes. This is nowhere near enough as an atonement. I gotta give a stern reminder so he won't run away or abandon his duty.
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After thinking that far, the matter with Aryl comes up on my mind. Will the chairman honors the contract? That guy is still a merchant no matter how rotten, let's recall the content.

Buy a store for her, a single house. A small one.
Introduce a bodyguard that can be trusted. Give her preferential treatment for stocking goods.
Everything will be paid by the chairman personally, he's also responsible for any trouble that arises.
He will be backing Aryl until her business is on track.

And that's about it. Aryl was flabbergasted as she watched from the side.
I'm just glad that she took my parting gift without much fuss or reservation.
Her first greeting with me was concise as well, that must be how she is.
I felt that she was weighing between her current situation, what was in store for the future and trying to make stay.
She had a difficult look on her face all the while, she probably set her sight on her future as a 'merchant'. Or so I believe.
Aryl is talented. I know from observing the wares she stocked up. And her bid too.
I just knew she'd have gotten herself dragged into endless trouble if I kept working as her bodyguard then, so this timing is just right for me to leave.

I arrived at Eltros's mansion as I hoped for Aryl's continued success.




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