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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 80

80 Excuses


A morning after successfully dodging the minefield last night.

"Haa, I slept like a log. Hmm, maybe a bit too much."

Judging from the sunlight peeking through the window, the sun has just risen.

I stood up, stretched a bit and did squats. Once my body had warmed up, I did stretches for real.
I haven't done any workout or form training for two days. I had plenty of time in my village, but now this period is my only free time.
As I did sit-ups, dorsal exercises, and push-ups, I ruminated the future.

(If I stay in this town, someone will definitely try to summon me from all the rumors and it all will be so much pain in the rear.)

There's the matter with Zolden too, also that little disturbance when I entered this town. I've simply been standing out too much.
We also left the bodies when we closed Aryl's store yesterday, which will definitely add to the mess once someone find those. Even if I order Eltros to take care of it, his underlings will likely talk about it, spreading rumors further.
There were also many witness during my bout with Randolf at merchant association. I'm expecting my information from the gatekeepers and mercenary guild to be leaked sooner or later as well.

Humans simply can't keep their mouths shut, thus I've come to a conclusion.

I made my decision and left my room to prepare. But wandering around in this bath robe might not be a good idea.
Forget my belonging, I don't even know where they put my clothes I left in dressing room yesterday. As I looked around restlessly like a suspicious individual in the excessively spacious corridor, someone called out to me.

"Good morning. Master has returned. Would you like to go see him?"

"...I'll do that. Lead the way please."
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The door to Eltros's office got knocked.

"Our honored guest is here for you, master."

The chair Eltros sat on rattled heavily before he composed himself.

"You may enter."

Shortly, that monster came in. As Eltros tried to control his shaking and not let go of the documents in his hands, he stood up and offered that man a seat.

"I wanna discuss about future plan, you got time?"

"...I have time."

There's no way he could refuse. The instance the person in front of him changed his mind would very well be his last.
Those who can only answer back with 'Yes' don't have any leverage against those with power, their questions are rhetorical. It's nothing but surface level theatrics.
However, the man standing before Eltros really was asking that question in earnest.

"What would you like to talk about? Please give me any order you wish."

He must fulfill all this man's orders until he says 'That's all'. The situation is even severer than when he was under Damo. Eltros is trying his hardest to behave like he always does while hiding his disgruntlement.
After all, he simply cannot think up any way to kill this monster no matter how hard he tries.
Neutralizing him is out of question, even keeping him away is difficult. Whereas he had many cards he could have used against Damo.
The only reason he never tried to supplant Damo was because he deemed there was little to no 'profit' to it. Eliminating the head of an organization would require him to deal with stuff like laying out groundwork, gathering forces and cleaning up leftover mess. Most other executives besides him were also distrustful, they wouldn't ally themselves to him.
And most importantly, he simply had no desire to improve his position or had any ambition to. He was fulfilled as he was.

And everything has gone down the drain thanks to this being. But now that it's done, he's just gotta adapt.

At the end of the day, the only thing that's changed is that the man before him is now his 'Boss'.
The syndicate is simply changing, no completely overturning its direction.
Were the being in front of him gave up or lost trust on Eltros, it would simply be his 'Life' that would be gone, not his 'Position.'

The change is not just great it's like heaven and hell have switched place, but if he could not deceive himself here, he would simply not be among the living now.
Thus Eltros desperately made excuses for himself. There is simply nobody in this world who would put a price higher than their own life.

His self-deprecating words was replied back by his new boss with thus.

"I'm planning to leave this town by noon today see, can you prepare a list of stuff I'm about to tell you?"

"Understood. It shall be done at once."

(I'll do anything if it means this monster is going away! Take all the money! Take anyone!)

Eltros was was celebrating inwardly. He resumed listening careful as not to make that obvious.
After a bit they were done with the listing and the man stood up before demanding breakfast.

"Can you make some food, I'm kinda peckish."

"We shall prepare it. Lead our guest. And have his meal ready."

Eltros told the butler. Then the moment the door was closed, he sprung to action.
He cannot waste even the tiniest bit of time. After all, his object of terror is going away on its own.
Eltros ordered all servants in his mansion to gather round.

"Make preparations! Postpone all your duty! Get this one done right this instance!"





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