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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 73

73 Picking Up the Tab


"Well then, Aryl, you're coming with us. But please don't say a word while we're having the talk okay."

When I was at Eltros' mansion, I listened to a report his underling brought him.

How they schemed to plant a mole in the merchant association to manipulate tally allocation.
How that scheme got found out, and Bonats himself replaced the tally in question.
How they traced its whereabout and that the tally was allotted to Aryl on purpose.

I see it as a malicious act, the reason why we ended up getting in trouble with those guys.
So here I am to pick up the tab.

"You're wrong, that wasn't my intention--"

"Shut up. Don't even bother with excuses. At the end of the day, it was no coincidence. It was your goal all along, wasn't it? You're free to try to weasel your way out of this, but I can't guarantee this association staying intact if you did."

Bonats quieted down at once. Looks like my match with Randolf had a huge effect.
Standing next to me, Aryl can't seem to catch up with the flow of conversation, her face is turning red, blue, and yellow in repeat.
I ignored that and proceeded with the conversation in order to end this mess.

"You are to agree with all my demands. Feel free to regard it as a threat. Heck, you may even bring it up to the guards. For the reimbursement, I'm gonna have you pay it out of your own pocket, not the association, capiche?"
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"You'd be sorry... doing this..."

"Sure, then show me through force. The power to make me feel sorry. When is it gonna be? This instance? Or do you need more time? I'm fine anytime. Go ahead and take all the time you need. But make sure you're prepared for it. Because that will be your last in this world."

I smiled wholly as I said that and Bonats fell silence with a bitter look.
Were Bonats to make another attempt at harming me, I'm not going to show any more mercy.
I absolutely loathe those who use their position to ensnare the powerless into a trap and even benefit from them.

"Ha~. I'm gonna grumble now, pay me no mind. Well not like you can understand anyway. You see lots of pretentious guys acting like they're the biggest baddest man around even though they don't have the strength to back it up, I don't like that. Anyone can do that. I know you don't get it. Chairman, you may be able to put up a fight with all the assets you've amassed. But foisting a mess on a rookie that's just started out is nothing but an abuse. What was that speech back then all about? You're a hypocrite."

I spoke like it was a long time ago, but that was yesterday. Bonats kept quiet without saying anything back.

"Ah, but you did give me an important lesson. Bodyguards will only invite trouble if the other party make light of them, so looks are an important factor to be one. Strength alone isn't enough. I've learned a lot about that this time. Now then, why don't we get a room? Not standing around outside like this. Ah, and of course there will be a written contract. You're a merchant and all."

I tapped Bonats' shoulder as I said that, he leaped up in shock before hesitantly moved his feet.




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