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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 79

79 Where One Belongs


"We spent days full of disgrace. But as milord has heard, these body of ours are chaste."

"Chaste... Then treat them better. You're free and all now. There's no need to dedicate yourselves to me or anything, okay?"

I tried to gently decline them here hoping they would rescind their 'Dedicated to you' declaration.

"It is by our own volition that we wish to become your swords and shields, milord."

It was no good. They knelt again. My head hurts.

(Sorry to say this when you're looking at me with those serious eyes, but I want to get off this train asap. At the rate this is going, these girls will want to go along with me forever... Now how do I go about this...)

As someone not blessed with wisdom, I couldn't come up with a good solution.
I even entertained the idea of doing a jumping prostrate asking them to let me off hook.
I sighed after mentally draining myself from thinking.

"Haa~. Time to go to bed. I'm so tired. So so tired."

I rang the bell placed on the table, the butler quietly opened the door and entered the room.

"I'd like to lie down now, may I?"

'If you'd please over here', he showed me the way. Eltros' mansion is as spacious as Damo's.
The bedroom he led me to was also vast. What seems to be a king sized bed is put in the middle of the room.

For some reason the elves are following us? What are they even doing.
They should be in their own separate rooms. Thus I asked.

"Err... What?"

"Yes. We shall accompany you to bed."

I looked up at the ceiling in exhaustion. I stopped the butler as he was about to leave, 'Enjoy your time.'
This butler is apparently under the belief these elves are my mistresses.

"Hold it right there! Can you give me another room for myself."

A voice could be heard from the side as I detained the butler.

"Are we... Lacking...?"

"From the bottom of my heart, creed, belief and feeling, I'm sorry but I must refuse."

I went to the corridor with acceleration. It'd have been a pain if they kept trying to detain me, clung to me or kept asking me.
The butler also came out of the door and brought me to another room.
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"Haa~, finally a me time~."

I sighed my biggest yet as I lay in bed. I'm neither a misogynist nor a 2D-only lover.
I do have a sex drive. I've got some experience in past life too. There's just no way I could think straight surrounded by those beauties. I need an alone time to ruminate the future. Therefore, running away is only natural.

Honestly, what kind of responsibility are you expecting from a brat that has just come of age two days ago in this world?
When petticoats woo, breeks may come speed? Don't be stupid. Making a move on them without thinking ahead is way too shallow.
I must not take even the slightest bit of chance. To begin with, I have no intention to do such an outrageous thing.

I'm fully aware how 'Alien' my existence is in this world. I want nothing more than never dragging people, getting dragged or turning things into a mess because of my actions.
I am never entering a physical relationship no matter the reason.

Now then, just how do I make those girls leave me, I frowned as I got lost in thought and fell asleep before I knew it.




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