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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 76

76 Pressure, then, Happening


A middle aged graceful looking gentleman was standing in front of the gate.
He spoke to me, 'Welcome back', I asked, 'And you are?'
I'm a 15 year old boy who's just come of age. A much older gentleman had just politely greeted a squirt like me. It doesn't feel right.
He must be a butler. His outfit is neatly worn with the same prim and proper air around him.
But having someone like that bowing to me just doesn't sit right.

"Per master's order. I am to cordially entertain my good sir as our guest of honor."

(Damn, the pressure from this kinda treatment's no joke. I can't calm down...)

"Really now, I'll be in your care then."

This man wasn't here when I left for the association. Must have gone out since our visit was sudden.
'Has Eltros fled, leaving the rest to this man?' I thought as I was led to my room.

"Where is Eltros... san?"

"Master is currently absent in an outing with many people. I have been informed he will not be coming back for the time being. Would you like to contact him?"

After a weird pause, I replied back, 'No need to.'
I have a feeling this butler has no idea about Eltros being a 'Scoundrel'.
Which would explain his polite attitude. I can't calm down.

"How would you like to have your meal? Or perhaps my good sir fancy a bath first?"

That came as a shock to me. Personal bathroom, for real? Also, the fact that Eltros lives like he stays in a high class inn daily in this world.

"Then bath first."

I'd like to rest my weary mind after all the mess I had to deal today.

"If you'd please follow me."

I was led to a dressing room reminiscence of a ryokan. Complete with maids. Yes, those maids. They're not as flashy as the ones you often see in Akihabara, but they're maids alright.

(Could this be... I've gotta turn them down quick!)
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"I can do it myself! I don't need any help, I want to take it easy alone."

Didn't think guest of honor's treatment would extend to this stuff. Apparently, it's normal in earth for nobles or the wealthy to have attendants follow them into bath.
Ordinary people either don't care about them or see those 'high class people' akin to 'vulgar people'.
Glad I caught them early. Gotta think up an excuse. It's way too embarrassing.
'However', the butler hesitated.

"I'll tell Eltros it's fine! You don't need to worry! It's part of your job to honor the guest's wish! It may be a selfish request, but please keep them away."

That might have come off a bit rude, but the maids bowed altogether before leaving smoothly. The butler left after saying, 'Please take your time.'

I sighed in relief left by myself. But this problem going away made another issue went unnoticed to me.
The door to the bath was slid open as I sighed. Yes, I was surprised at the existence of a sliding door, but I couldn't afford to mind that.

I reflexively turned to look there before immediately averting my gaze.
Because it was the moment a glamorous beauty wearing nothing but a bath towel entered.

(Glad I got [Acceleration]... Didn't see nothing...)

Due to me using [Acceleration] at the sliding sound, I managed to avoid seeing her [Important Place]. I froze up from relief and nervousness.

(I don't need no erotic happening! Give me a break... I don't want to be seen as a pervert.)

With my back to her, I raised my arms up and apologized. Total defeat.

"I wasn't trying to peep! I just got here myself. I mean no harm!"

"Milord, we dedicate these bodies to you. It is our desire for you to use them as you wish. That includes attending to your need."

The six elves came out. They must have been using the bath before I got here. From their voices, they were just done.
Had the butler not left, this conversation would have been steered into another direction, he must not hear these elves.

"Haa! Wait! Don't say that! Wear your clothes, now! Go back to your room!"

I replied back in panic still with my back on them.

"Would that be satisfactory? Shouldn't we wash milord's body and--"

"Yes! I don't! Need it! More importantly, wear your clothes!"

I mustn't give a vague reply here. A definite refusal. There's probably no straight man alive who can refuse a beauty's advance. But there's no special relationship between me and these girls.
Calling me milord is one thing, I relented. But that's more like a nickname. I have no intention to treat them like slaves or be their lord. Ain't no way I'd let them attend to my need or something.

They finally started wearing their clothes when my back wouldn't budge.

"Well then milord, please pardon us."

I finally calmed down after their presences vanished.




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