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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 74

74 Contract


Eltros is doing everything he's been told to do while trying his hardest to forget everything.

Keeping the six elves safe.
Seizing all money as well as items in Damo's mansion and turn them into cash.
Stopping doing any and all crime from here on. Using the money from Damo to completely alter the syndicate from its foundation.
Dealing with other executives in the syndicate, or cutting them off.

The last order is the most difficult. But that guy just blurted out some terrifying remark.

"If they won't swear allegiance even after you give them a talk, tell them you're having a meeting and gather them in one spot, and hey look at that, one fell swoop."

'I'll get their heads.' he said nonchalantly.
Eltros inadvertently shouted out, 'You're mad!', but the guy paid him no heed.

I've sent some personnel to Damo's mansion to collect the valuables there, but I wonder what they're thinking when they see those pile of corpses? I plan to join to the site once we gather more people, but it's hard to get enthusiastic about it. My stomach is cramping.
There is no telling what's gonna happen to my well being if I go against his order.
How should I even go about restructuring the syndicate? As a boss killing usurper. The future outlook is pitch black. I'm enduring not to vomit all this time. My mental state has been crushed to pieces.
But I absolutely cannot look weak. I'm not about to get made fun of, betrayed or taken advantage of.
I must throw my chest out and look confident at all time. Otherwise, how would I run an organization. I quicken my pace and give the signal for departure.

(I can't calm down with that monster around. Good thing he's gone.)

A subordinate of mine tasked with investigating the merchant association came right as we arrived at my mansion here.
I found out about the detail from him. It's all thanks to Bonats' trickery I'm in this situation.
That got to my head, I stomped the ground.

"That damn scheming old fox! Damn him and his two-faced rotten guts! It's all his faultttt!"

"Ah, got it. Yup. I'm going ahead to the association to take care of this. You do the rest here, yeah."

The guy left after saying that. Go and never come back. Eltros wished that from the bottom of his heart. No, he wished this was all a dream.
Eltros gave orders to his underlings while tucking that thought away inside his mind.

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I gave Aryl the formally drawn up written contract.

"And with this, I would like to resign. It may be only for a short while, but I appreciate your patronage."

"Eh!? But why? Also, this is!?"

"You can read what's written there. You're the victim here, Aryl. I'm through with bodyguard job. I don't have the looks to pull it off."

"I'm really... you've done so much for me..."

"For the time being, you can trouble our chairman here as his guest. Isn't that right, Mr. chairman."

"...I get it... you're done here. You have your contract."

Bonats got this quiet due to additional information he received from his spy during the writing of our contract.

"Just a reminder, if you dare to break your contract, I'm gonna wreck you up for real this time."

"...I know already! Just go away!"

"Well, see ya then. Pardon."

I headed to the door and said that word with my back on them.

"My life has become so chaotic after that time you saved me... Thank you so much."

I turned around to see Aryl smiling. Slightly wryly at that. I left the room without saying a word as she bowed deeply. The door closing sound became my reply. Echoing ever so slightly.




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