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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 85

85 Rotten Fruit and Nailing


I twisted my body's upper half to dodge my opponent's sword slash and struck his arms with my elbow.
Under acceleration, the bone didn't feel hard at all, it was more like jelly as it got crushed easily.
Next up I sent a low kick to his right knee. My kick sunk in without resistance again.
Then another low kick to the left knee.
While I'm in accelerated state, my opponent moves in super slow motion. I'm the only one who moves at normal speed. Dodging and maneuvering around are a simple matter.
However, I just can't fully grasp how to adjust my power. Thus, I moved at the same 'delayed' speed of my opponent as a stopgap measure.
It went well with Randolf, hence it should work here too.

And since I'm moving very slowly, I can retract my actions if I deem them too 'excessive'. This testing opportunity yielded good results.
Satisfied, I spoke in good mood.

"It is as you can see. Have I made myself clear now, my guys?"

"You bastard, what did you do!? How are you alive?"

"Hey, Eltros, checking to make sure, I'd just beat this guy here thoroughly, did you see how I did it?"

"You did that? Nonsense! You must have used a trick! There's no way you beat my best man otherwise!? Like hell it is!"

"...My eyes could see you move 'this time'... As such, I believe other executives also 'understood'..."

The second in command kept barking as I asked Eltros.

"So what do you think guys? Do you believe me now?"
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"Shut up damn youuu! How dare you shame me! I'm gonna kill you myself!"

Second in command stood up and smoothly drew his knife before lunging at me.
Of course I accelerated and beat him off. I asked Eltros what needed to be asked as the man groaned, 'Aga'.

"Who's the least receptive of your leadership among these people? Might as well just crush them all yeah? Point out those you want to wed out."

Eltros turned pale before speaking in a low yet clear volume.

"...Please dispose of... the second in command. And also..."

He pointed at a young man wearing a skintight clothing.

"Just to make sure, both of them are inhumane scumbags, yeah?"

His answer made me want to puke. The second in command is still kneeling down while groaning at the pain of his broken arm.

"Second in command apparently finds pleasure in torturing the weak. That junior executive in charge of drugs is the kind of person who forces people to ingest addictive drugs and gleefully watch them suffer withdrawal symptoms."

That answer makes sure my conscience won't be burdened. I don't actually like 'killing' without reason. Gotta have one. That doesn't mean I'm just gonna make up 'excuses' on the spot to justify murder though. Still, I had no idea this world has those kind of drugs too.
Since I'm dealing with the executives of the most heinous crime syndicate, I don't really feel anything. I guess this how being Abarenbo Shogun or more like Mito Komon feel like?

(Ah, or maybe it's more Onihei Hankacho? Or Toyama no Kin-san?)

I beat down the head of the second in command who had been cursing all this time. Then I did the same to the junior boss in charge of drugs. In accelerated state.

Their heads sunk in their bodies. Half of their faces in their collarbones.

I got a bit scared from the horror spectacles, and looked away.
The two were still alive for a bit as they swayed for a few seconds before stopping and falling.

After which I winked at Eltros. Receiving that signal, Eltros spoke while faltering.

"Ah, you guys will meet the same end if you don't listen to me. Do be careful."

The executives made their way out of the room passing me by while shaking furiously.
I whispered a warning to Eltros as he passed.

"If I come back here and find this organization unchanged or only half baked, 'that' will be you."

I lightly tapped his shoulder. Not under acceleration of course.
But Eltros was in so much fear he leaped exaggeratedly like he was a character in a manga.




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