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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Strongest Sage, Prevents Queer Yells


"Look carefully, this is my new weapon!"

Guyzar-sensei drew the sword on his back and pointed it at a target.
And then--.


A small fireball shot out of the tip of his sword along with Guyzar-sensei's yell.
The target only shook, but Guyzar-sensei didn't mind it.

"Nunn! Nunn! Nunn!"

Small fireballs shot out of the sword's tip in rapid succession and the target got destroyed on the fourth shot.
After seeing that, Guyzar-sensei changed his target.

"Nunn! Nunn! Nunn! Nunn!"

The target this time also broke after four shots.
Guyzar-sensei's crest is the Third Crest.

The Third Crest doesn't have much power, but it has a high rapid-fire rate.
And with training that rapid fire brings about brutal firepower.
It's still not as strong as the Fourth Crest that's specialized in close-quarter combat, but it's a highly reliable crest in a group battle.
Because you can raise the overall firepower simply by bringing more users.

"Wasn't Guyzar-sensei supposed to be hardly able to use magic?"

"That sensei, with magic.... I mean, don't you think he's strong at it?"

"That target is the fifth target right? They seemed weak during Mathias's demonstration, but breaking a fifth target in four shots means that the magic is as powerful as the upper low class magic...."

"If Guyzar-sensei can do it, I think I can do it too!"

Seeing a teacher who was obviously a swordman type used chantless magic ended up encouraging the students.

I was a bit dissatisfied since even the magic I used should be usable for Fourth Crest bearers if they just trained for a short while, but I guess having the usefulness of chantless magic known is a good enough result.
The magic earlier should be regarded as common in only several months.

"By the way, Guyzar-sensei only started training chantless magic yesterday, mind you. When a teacher who originally could use magic trained on it, it would look like this."

And then one of the magic-type teachers used a magic, knocking down two targets.

"Awesome. That was as powerful as a mid-class magic...."

That's quite some power, even if that teacher has the Second Crest (the crest has no special characteristic at first, but it can shoot powerful magic once you train it.)
I wonder if it was because his mana was abused by habitual uses of chant magic. It seems this school's instructors originally have well trained mana with them.
I dunno what's this mid-class magic stuff about though.

"Sensei! Are all of the teachers able to use chantless magic!?"

At one of the students' question, I felt that the teachers' atmosphere froze for an instant.
And then the teachers look at each other and put on apologetic looks on their faces.

"No. To tell you truth, most of the swordsmanship teachers can't do it yet, and only a third of magic teachers are able to. It appears that correcting your longtime habit is really hard after all...."

The mood in the schoolyard darkened.
Looks like changing their way after using chant magic for dozens of years isn't so simple after all.
However, the mood completely turns around with the next few words from the teacher.

"Alright. Let's start the chantless training for real now. Stand before each targets. Can every one of you use fire arrow? Even though you're Class A, there's one who aspires to be a swordsman if I'm not mistaken...."

"Yes! I want to be a swordsman, but I can use fire arroow!"

Alma raised her hand while saying that.
Apparently, the sole swordsman participant was Alma.
She's with Ruli like usual, she's sticking close to her.

"Then let's start with learning the movement of mana. Everyone, shoot a fire arrow at the target and--"

And then a magic lecture similar to the one I taught my elder brother Reich began.
About 10 minutes later.

"Ooh, the magic came out! I did it!"

Some students have successfully grasped the sensation of mana and invoked chantless magic.
The first one who did was Alma.

"Look look! Nunn! Nunn!"

Alma readied her sword, pointed it toward the target and shot fireballs. The target broke with two fireballs.
Looks like the magic of Alma who has the Second Crest is already more powerful than Guyzar-sensei's.

"Hey, Alma."

"What do you think? That was my magic!"

"You're doing well.... But there's no need to mimic that yell you know."

"Eh? ...Ah"

It seems she didn't notice.
Good thing I pointed it out before it was too late. I don't wanna hear 『Nunn!』 buzzing in the battlefield in place of chanting.

Well, I'm just glad that the propagation of proper magic is going smoothly.

If I were in my past life, I would catch some random magic combatant, teach them immortality magic and various stuff and rear them for several hundreds years into a magic combatant ready to fight space monsters in a party with me, thus there would be no need to do all this, but--
At the present state, forget about expecting some powerful magic combatant to appear, humanity might get wiped out first instead.

I'd like to popularize at least the basic of chantless magic to prevent that from happening.

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