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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 88

88 Looking Back


I'm mulling over on how to use my power.
The simplest one would be to show no mercy if the person is an evil man.
But the last two days have made it clear that I act without thinking when I snapped.
Only in the last two trouble, I tried to settle things through talking without killing.
I have absolutely zero clue about this world's law. Thus I should act carefully if I don't want to get branded a criminal. But that's hard to follow through it if the other party resorts to violence.

(Non lethal mean is difficult in such cases. But I had proven that running away is an effective tactic. Let's prioritize fleeing from here on. Still.)

I look back the last two days since I left my village. Have I always been so quick to snap?

I wasn't the type that would get heated up right away whenever I played games back then.
To begin with, nobody ever tried to mess with me using violence.

This must be the difference between two societies. Morality, social structure, police structure, level of literacy, economic situation.
There's a huge gap between this world's and earth's. Thus it's easy to imagine how and why primitive 'Power' ends up getting through.
And I probably possess a power beyond abnormal in such a world. This is a grave situation.
I'm being 'Targeted' in all kinds of sense. Must not let this fact gets public.

But I have now found out how easily I 'snap' whenever I'm faced against unreasonableness and absurdity.
My anger gauge reaches its max long before I could even begin thinking a way to end things peacefully. Overwhelmingly so. However, I'm also capable of enduring it if the other party is willing to listen at least.
Nevertheless, I'm aware that I don't excel in the brain power department. The balance is too poor.

As for price of life, I've decided on taking the extreme in this world.

(Vulgar, barbaric, lowlifes, fiendish and evil men are to be met with swift death. Yup, not backing down on that.)

I don't care if it's the influence from bearing this excessive power or if it's a rash emotion-driven actions, I won't show mercy against 'Evil' measured by my own standard.
It's a done deal, decided when I saved Aryl. This won't change even after I've learned about this world's law in the future.
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(Yes I get that crimes should be trialed in court. But.)

There might be times where my carelessness result in irreversible damage. I refuse to regret over that, I'd rather just cut them all down on the spot.

We didn't walk too long before we came across a highway not far from the city.
It's about two lane wide, with many people going toward the main commercial hub city behind us. We're the only people heading to the empire. I'm not sure if it's a mere coincidence or if there's a reason to it.
That was when a carriage passed by us from behind.
Yes, a carriage. That's the most apt word for the object I could think of, however the things pulling it are no 'Horses'.
I've gotten used to it, fantasy.
They resemble camels yet not quite the same. Its head, leg thickness and build, but the biggest difference is the lack of humps.
The carriage part is not that different from the image I have.

Seeing that blew away all the worries I had in mind. It's so funny.
But a not so funny scene unfolded before us not long after.
The carriage that zoomed past us earlier is currently getting surrounded by beasts.




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