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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 112

112 Behind the Out of Place-ness

We slowly made our way to the inn. Far slower compared to our speed on the highway. Rabbit and turtle. Of course. After all, the elves raised their speed using spirit magic to incredible level when we took the forest path.

As I leisurely watch the surrounding scenery like a tourist, Serena suddenly said something incredulous.

"Milord, everybody taking this outer wall street besides us appears to be a trained group of people."

I blurted in confusion, not understanding what she meant.

"Wha? What do you mean? Eh?"

"It appears they are manipulating the flow of traffic to lead us toward the two women over there."

I turned and noticed two women in a distance away.

(Uwaa, what is that... Even an amateur like me can tell their complete and total out of place-ness...)

They must be thinking they're disguising themselves yet it's so obvious. A peerless beauty wearing commoner clothes like it's only natural is staring at us.

"Ah, the dirt on their clothes doesn't match their perfectly cared skin for sure. Ordinary people wouldn't look anywhere near that fair. Yep, something's up for sure."

I came across many working women in the commercial city. These two women are so obviously unlike them.
That alone is enough to make me visualize a flag.
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(I just got in the empire, I haven't even done nothing, I mean I'm not planning to. And yet, just 'when' and 'where' did the event flag got raised anyway?)

Might be from the destruction of criminal syndicate, no, maybe the dinner at Daily Special Diner, or perhaps me saving Aryl, or me leaving the village, heck, it could be because of my 'Manaless', 'Blessless' things.

Isn't every single one of those a flag? Thus how I started to doubt my own fate and resolved.

A grand plan to kick down the flag, or smash it to pieces.

"Spread out like that time we're leaving commercial city. Me stopping will be the signal."

I chose to forget asking how the elves found out about them.
It's probably stuff like elves having sharper senses than humans, spirits getting noisy, or how trained those passerby moved or something.
My five senses are that of an 'ordinary man' after all.

(Fantasy, yup, let's just use this word whenever it's convenient to.)

I found a handy alley and came to a halt next to it.
Entering 'Acceleration' at the same time and ran straight into the road.

I kept running around in the frozen world trying to find an open space.
As I grumbled at my luck, I kept going deeper into the alleys. It got me far from the main street, but thankfully the road wasn't complicated.
I found some open space after a bit and undid Acceleration.

The wind hit my face telling me I'm out of Acceleration.
As there's nothing else moving around me,  I could only use myself to base it.
The idea of trying to but then failing to come out of Acceleration state terrifies me.
Getting left behind by everything in this world would be despair inducing beyond word.

Something like that has never happened thus far, but now that the thought crossed my mind, I'm going to hesitate to use my power next time.

As I wallowed in the worst possible imagination, Serena and co. arrived.
From the roofs down of course. Looking cool, jumping like 'Shuta!'

(Must be the wind spirit. Knowing where I'll be without even asking must come with the territory as well.)

"Ah, well let's resume our tour as we look for our inn then."

And so we walked off, but I guess alleys and hoodlums always come in pairs no matter where.

"You over there, c'mere a bit. Ya gotta pay up if ya wanna pass here."

Said the thugs as they blocked the alleyway.




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