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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 123

123 Freedom and Faith


I woke up feeling refreshed the morning after. The fluffy bed brought about a sleep so good I forgot everything.
But I quickly got dejected once I looked around.

(Ah, right, this place is the castle...)

Sunlight peeked from the window as the town below gradually brightened up.

(What do now? First thing first, gotta brush my teeth, wash my face and...)

Today's schedule was supposed to be a continuation of the tour. But we're currently under house arrest.

(Maybe we can just sneak out.)

That idea crossed my mind. There's a bit of time until the ceremony, it'd be boring if we holed ourselves up in the castle.
That was when maids entered my room after knocking without waiting for my answer, so I asked them.

"Has the princess said anything about our schedule?"

The answer to my question betrayed my expectations.
The princess herself answering was a surprise as well.

"The ceremony will be held in three days from now. You may do as you please until then. Please promise me to come back here by nighttime. We will not restrict you in any way whatsoever, please rest assured."

Food is being put on the table just like last night.
Looks like we're gonna have breakfast together again along with the elves.

"Well aren't you trusting. Then might as well resume the tour from yesterday after this meal."

I thought they'd confine us but it seems Reikana is bolder than expected.
Normally she'd want to ensure we won't escape after divulging so much to us, she's quite broadminded as it seems.

The breakfast was extravagant and tasty. I listened to the princess while feasting on it.

"I recommend the grand fountain in the center as a sightseeing spot. Oh if you're looking for a restaurant, I recommend the one just beyond the fountain. Ah, also there's quite a few of famous big stores, equipment stores, gift stores and such. I'll hand over the list later."

"Princess? Aren't you a bit too informed? Unusually so. Don't tell me you've been going out and about in downtown despite being a royalty and all..."

She turned her face away and started making excuse, 'T-they're inspections'.
It was so obvious her immaculate image she built so far crumbled down.

(Guess she's a wild horse in reality contrary to her image. Which princess again is that.)

The image of a certain princess floated up on my mind, I quickly erased.
The maid Hanna sent another murderous glare at me like usual, so I kept working on my food to finish it.

After meal time while we were having tea, I asked.

"So how do we go in and out of this castle? Do we gotta have a permit or a guide or something?"

"We have informed the gatekeepers, you can follow their instructions."

That means we can freely go and leave. I can't help but worry about that.
I mean someone who doesn't know our situation might go, 'Intruders! Eeei! All hands, gather round, gather round!' like in some period drama.
That was a point of worry, but the princess had already sent the words around.

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And thus, we're currently shopping around. For the sake of efficiency, I gave the elves money and let them scatter in all directions.
Moving in a group would draw attentions, also, it's just a bother. The town is as lively or even more livelier than the commercial city.
I went with the flow in the shopping district as I looked around at all the stores.

That must be why. I came across another template here.

(Why was an encounter with pickpocket this laser focused anyway?)

What got stolen was my wallet with small change. Of all things.
Serena was the only reason I noticed. I was totally oblivious.

"Milord, how should we settle this? Should I turn him into a bloodbath here and now..."

"Oy! What's up with that extreme idea of yours!? No, just don't. I'm still gonna get my money back though."

Is it just me or has Serena changed compared to before?
Despite thinking that, I had my sight locked on the boy disappearing into the crowd.
Then I quietly tailed him. While letting the boy who kept glancing back to think, 'He hasn't found out yet'.

(But, just what is this? Everywhere I go is a minefield? But there's way too many fields. I had an inkling that I'd get into a lot of mess when I first set out of the village, but never would have I imagined it'd be this bad.)

The plan at first was to find job at the commercial city somehow, vague and optimistic that may be, then I'd just live quietly while working normally.

And yet see where I am now, going after a pickpocketer.

(Who should I direct this grudge to....)

The two of us followed the boy into a narrow alleyway.




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