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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 120

120 Value of Power


"I bear not ambition to assume the throne. However, with my position comes responsibility. Thus I wish to be of use to this country. No, I suppose that expression is not quite sufficient. It should be that I am fully prepared to become a supporting pillar of this empire. Even that is still insufficient to express my readiness."

The princess calmly spoke with 'weight' behind her words.

"Alvart-niisama is sure to become a wise emperor. His reign shall be firm, bringing about unshakable peace and prosperity. However, he is also rather inept in specific fields such as military, war insight, and army. Thus, even if I go to him with this information, he surely won't take it seriously."

She's perceptive of her brother's strength and weakness, and it seems she hasn't told him about all this.

"As I have mentioned earlier, Goldeuro-niisama is a man who believes the world revolves around him. The instance this empire falls on his lap, he will for sure declare war on the kingdom. Using a completely unjustifiable pretext."

The little sister went ahead and talked trash about this Goldeuro man is.

"As one with the emperor's blood running through my veins, I am obliged to bring peace and stability to the people. I wish to avoid unnecessary damage and agony in this matter. To that end, I am not afraid of carrying out dirty work behind the scene. Even if it means killing my own brother."

I can feel the resoluteness of her will. She clenched her fists as she showed her willingness to kill her own blood relative.

I threw a question here.
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"Why don't you talk to the emperor then? All the more with your line of thinking. There must be a reason, no? A troublesome one at that."

"...His majesty is fully aware of this matter. He's letting us do as we please, no. He's screening us."

This emperor sounds pretty wicked and cruel. Scary, I absolutely don't want to get near him.

"In order to rule over this vast nation, one must possess the 'power', be it in any form. That is what his majesty believes. If Goldeuro-niisama succeeds then that is the end of it, but if Alvart-niisama managed to repulse him, that too is acceptable. His majesty recognizes Alvart-niisama. Yet, if Goldeuro-niisama demonstrates the 'power' to overthrow him, his majesty welcomes that too."

"You're saying that if this Goldeuro guy can scheme up ways to seize the throne and carries it out successfully, that's a form of power? A measure of standard that ends with his own death... this emperor sounds way extreme..."

I got a bit dizzy from hearing the extent of madness this emperor has.
Is that a normal thought process in this world? Or does that depends on the country? Or maybe it's the emperor's individual character?

"Had he truly possessed such power, he would surely bring victory in wars. And I do not wish for war. Regardless of our assured victory, it would cause thousands, tens of thousands deaths. Both to the countries invading and invaded. Thus, I am willing to bet my all to stop Goldeuro-niisama. And that is the reason I sought you out."

I still have absolutely no clue just on what ground does her trust on me stand. Can it be 'Intuition'?
But after hearing her resolution as a princess and her own thought as Reikana, I'll let it slide.

"I never imagined I would divulge this much when I went to you to ask for your cooperation."

A gaze full of resolution aimed at me. I smiled at that.

(I never thought I'd get abducted and reincarnated to this world too, then got raised as a normal villager who went on to meet and have a conversation with a princess, imagine that.)

Despite the irony playing in my mind, I kept it to myself.

The only reason I asked all this was to smash the flag of 'receiving reward' at the end.
I told her I don't need reward. In exchange I asked what her deal is.
This is all for the sake of scurrying away once I've done my job.





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