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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 119

119 Do You Want to Know How People See You Like?


"That's all. Happy now?"

I finished telling them the gist of things.
Gain's face warped looking like he was enduring saying, 'Stop speaking nonsense', and Hanna wasn't even trying to hide her 'What is this guy spouting off?' face.
Contrary to that, Reikana kept listening to me with a straight face.
I knew it would turn out like this, but calmly giving that explanation really gives me the perspective on how other people see me like.

A stupid brat, a child who talks big only to get their lies blown right away, a dumbass who's narrating an obvious drivel boastfully.
My narration must have sounded like those.

However, in this silence, only Reikana kept her serious look without showing any sign of distrust.

"Just how vast is the extent of your strength?"

I was a bit surprised to hear that from her. As there was not even a hint of 'doubt' in it.

"...Frankly, I'm not sure myself."

That's the only answer I could offer. Surely that's not the answer the princess is hoping. Is she gonna get disappointed?
Or so I thought yet Reikana giggled, 'Fufu', instead.

"With this, Goldeuro-niisama's secret weapon will crumble down. Finally it's a load off my shoulders."

I still don't get what compels this princess to trust me this much.
Yet it's weird how I don't feel creeped out by that.

We're still not told what this secret weapon is. Only the fact that the second prince is aiming for the crown prince's life. And that will likely take place during an upcoming ceremony, all so vague with nothing concrete.

"Crown prince, Alvart-niisama is a gentle man. However, his prowess in politics and economics is guaranteed, he will surely lead the empire reasonably well. On the other hand, Goldeuro-niisama has a strong ego and a personality that must place himself in the center of everything. He has been planning this for many years, culminating in the ceremony."
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In most stories, either the protagonist will be conveniently clever, or they have capable friends who help them solve difficult problems.
The royal road. But I have no wisdom nor the wits to speak of.
The only thing I can do is bulldozing through sheer force. That's it. Possible through a monstrous 'power'.
Considering that, I could just imagine what's coming.
No foresight, like to act on impulse without thinking of consequences, and easy to get washed away in the flow.

(Gotta prepare an escape path... Timing is important...)

If I don't quickly make my way out once everything is over, they might interrogate me and drag me into more mess.
Gotta disappear once the situation is under control and not wait for the clean up.

"What should we do until then? And what are we going to be treated as from tomorrow on?"

"Yes. Please stay in the castle as my guests. You are to act as my bodyguards during the ceremony. Considering Goldeuro-niisama's personality, he will surely make his move there. And he must use the opportunity to flaunt his power to other imperial family members with succession rights. Showing them that he has the strength fit to be the emperor. I wish for you to tear down onii-sama's secret weapon there."

"What about our reward? In advance? Or after? ...Wait, nah I don't need it."

"Eh? Um? Why would you not want to? I shall prepare any reward within my power. I am even prepared for something slightly unreasonable."

"Then, tell me this. Why are you bent on a direct confrontation if you're so worried? Heck, with so much information, you could have taken the first seat even. Or you could even just disregard everything, not like it affects you. Tell me what's your deal?"

The room was wrapped in silence. Reikana closed her eyes to ruminate her answer.





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