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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 126

126 Convenience


First of all, I listened to Serena's report.
I won't ask how all the scattered elves got back together so quickly.
Because it doesn't matter to what I'm about to do. In fact, it's convenient that they're all here.

"Those people appear to belong to a syndicate that has been spreading their influence around this area as of late. They are seeing a rapid growth from plundering assets of existing syndicates. Their criminal activities include extortion, intimidation, strongarming, larceny, robbery, murders, smuggling, bribing, as well as various other crimes. I believe it is fitting to call this syndicate a lesser version of Damo's."

I sighed hearing that. I'm really turning into Komon-sama at this rate.

"The kid that handed them money earlier is an orphan in a nearby orphanage. The men showed up out of nowhere and threatened to demolish their orphanage if they don't hand over money. The boy must have stolen from milord out of desperation."

(...Hm? How'd she find out so much when it just happened?)

I opted to ask Serena.

"Aren't you way quick at gathering intel? What kind of tricks did you use?"

"All of us gathered conversations, rumors and information pertaining this matter by making use of wind spirit magic."

That explanation was demonstrated before my eyes.

(Spirit magic's way too convenient, it's cheat.)


"This syndicate appears to have two bases. We are still unable to ascertain how many members each base has. Forgive me milord."

Serena resumed her report. The elves are still kneeling even now so I make them stand.

"Aah, all of you stand up. There's no need to stay like that every time. Haa, welp let's decide on our moves then."

~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~
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We're gonna crush both bases at the same time. The timing of attack will be matched through wind spirit magic contact. So goes the strategy.
Four elves for one side. And then me and two other elves here. Serena follows me.

"You're sure there's no other hideouts or secret paths right?"

I asked Serena as we crouched down behind a cover in the road ahead of their base.

"There doesn't seem to be one. We attempted looking for them with wind spirit's help, but we could not find any such thing."

I confirmed again just to make sure.

(Still, spirit usage is one amazing cheat.)

Even if they're normal to elves in this world, its convenience exceeds even science in my past life.

"Hmm, the term cheat sounds rude. Not like they're being unfair. It's part of this world's natural laws after all. Seeing that as nothing more than cheat is my problem."

I waited for the timing while having that monologue. Waiting for a contact from the other four elves arriving at the other base. Nothing to do besides waiting.

"There is a wind magic that prevents sounds from scattering into surroundings. It will help preventing loud noises."

Serena reported, seemingly minding my monologue.

(Wonder if they know about the science behind sounds traveling through air? Or is it a result of experience?)

How advanced is science in this world? Or perhaps there's no such thing?
I'm kinda curious about that in a world of magic like this, but since I have no intention of doing some knowledge cheat trounce or something, let's just not go there.
Or more like it's impossible with my poortastic grade in science anyway.

A gentle breeze brushed my cheek.

"They seem to have arrived. We're all ready. Milord, awaiting order."

Serena informed me that wind was the signal.

(That just felt like a breeze to me though.)

"Alright. Charge."

Thus we charged at the building ahead.





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