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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 111

111 Reikana's Intuitions


I am certain I saw him with my own two eyes. But that person just vanished after I blinked.
It was luck for us to catch sight of him and the six people accompanying him entering an alleyway. Even an amateur like me could tell that their actions were that of 'flight'. Even thought it was but for an instance, it left such a strong impression. I'm intrigued to know just who they are.
But that also proves how he was standing there up until just now.
Vanished, and yet he was for sure there, meaning he was neither a phantom or an illusion.

It started with a report. 'Person of interest, entry, forest path', arriving unbelievably sooner than the expected date.
No sooner after we received that report, I quickly changed into a disguise and went to the site. Along with Hanna.
It was worth hurrying up as we managed to spot him walking along the outer wall. We also knew that he was heading to [Earth and Sky] Inn. I had the street be cleared of crowd.
In order to avoid suspicion, I had my subordinates to walk around and act natural in the streets.
By manipulating flows of traffic, we were directing where he was going. So I could call out to him.
This much preparations were done to make our contact seem natural and prevent outside interference.
And yet this elaborate plan immediately crumbled. Due to the six people accompanying him we had no information of.
Those people appeared to be highly vigilant, they seemed aware of the 'abnormality' my subordinates had produced.
That was when he suddenly stopped and vanished. Literally.
I wasn't alone at this, other subordinates I brought along were shocked as well. Even Hanna surely.

"It cannot be."

But it is a fact that someone vanished before us. I was agape.
I don't remember the last time my mind went blank, I even forgot to spin up a plan.
As someone who always runs my brain thinking up ways to maintain peace of the empire as well as political measures all day and night, one such moment was rare to me.

But Hanna's voice pulled me back to reality.

"Reikana-sama! What just happened? Could it be that am I dreaming?"

I share the sentiment. But let's sort out all the facts.

"They must be heading to an inn. But there is no telling if they will go straight to [Earth and Sky]. Send watchmen to all the inns around this area."

My subordinates quickly spread out with my directive, leaving me and Hanna alone.

"Let's get in contact with them once they have entered an inn. This time without taking a roundabout way so as to prevent another 'vanishing'. We will get right to the point."
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Hanna still sounded like she couldn't believe it.

"...Was there really someone there? I'm starting to doubt myself..."

I understand her feelings. That sense of bewilderment.

(He was there for sure, and then vanished. But how would that be accomplished? Was he really even there?)

I gave the unbending proofs to Hanna. For my sake as well.

"Look at those footprints, Hanna. They are proofs that they were there. That group of people have truly entered the empire."

I approached the spot where he vanished and assured Hanna. Footprints that continue to the gate.
My intuitions tell me there and then.

(That man possesses the 'Power' to resolve 'Everything' in the upcoming event...)

I have that conviction despite lacking any concrete proof. I have always been saved by this power for as long as I remember.
So many it's no longer 'Intuitions' and more like 'Prophecies'.
Only Hanna and my mother know of this truth.

My 'intuitions' avoided my mother and me from getting killed by assassins sent by someone, someone with the right of succession.
Not to mention all other times before and after, my 'Intuitions' have always protected me and those I hold dear.

This 'Intuition' is now telling me. That we must gain his cooperation at all cost.
And just when I was wondering how should we reward him, a report came in.

"Let us go, Hanna. There is not much time left until the ceremony. Were we fail in getting him to join our side, this empire would be thrust into chaos. We must make haste."

Receiving a report of him appearing at the [Earth and Sky], I vowed to act as sincere as possible with him as I took my steps there.

To think our negotiation would turn out that way. I had no way of knowing at this point.





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