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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 114

114 Bridge Crossing


"So strong! You were all so cool! The way you moved was just... wow!"

I got a bit too excited from the scene. It's quite surreal to witness them so easily eliminated those thugs with their dainty looking bodies.
The elves themselves had hard to describe expressions after receiving my praise.

"It's quite an honor milord. However, this much is akin to nil in the face of your strength."

With their strength, I could leave all incoming sparks to these girls to deal with.

(It was a good thing I managed to watch their power here.)

Nevertheless, I'd like to avoid getting into any more mess in the empire.
For now let's think about how to clean up these bodies and these pools of blood.
Smell of blood is starting to spread around. This is no highway. We're inside a city.

"Hmm, how do we clean this up? Burn them... nah, gonna stand out too much. Gotta be more discreet..."

Even though we're the victims here, I don't regret getting them killed in an act of self defense.
I might be biased, but those who cannot measure up people's 'danger level' in a glance shouldn't play villain. Otherwise, they'd end up like this guy, not even getting the chance to regret. I have no sympathy for these guys.

But the worrying part is how we could be seen as the assailants instead.
Getting arrested under suspicion of murder would be way bothersome and conspicuous.
I couldn't come up with a good plan.
And then Serena put forward a way to solve it all.

"Among spirit magic, there are spells that allow control of earth. Let us bury them using that."

Serena had taken away valuables from the bodies.

(This kinda makes us look like burglars and killers... Even though we're absolutely not.)

Destruction of evidence and bodies, that's some crimes already. And yet I could not feel the peculiar sense morals, or more like common sense of having perpetrated them. Wonder if it's due to having been reincarnated to this world or something else.
I had no experience of even troubling cops in my past life. I recalled a two hour long suspense drama.

Two of elves who didn't participate in the thug elimination stepped forward.
I could smell the soil when they quietly touched the earth when suddenly, the bodies got swallowed into the ground like it was a bottomless swamp.
The blood pools also disappeared, as if there was nothing on the ground.
The smell had also disappeared, likely due to wind magic.

There is no trace of any act of killing here.
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"These two are contracted to wind and earth spirits. We are used to this much."

Serena told me how they sometimes got in battle against goblins when hunting in the forest. They would immediately bury the bodies afterward and dispersed the smell to avoid attracting beasts.

(Fantasy... oh so great. I see, goblins too huh... Am I heading straight to royal road route here...)

All the new revelations of 'Template Setting' fantasy is making me dizzy.
The world is getting unreal.

(This is getting dangerous! I'm gonna cross the bridge at the rate this is going if I don't course correct somewhere!)

The instance I lost touch with reality, I'd probably assume the 'whatever happens' attitude.
That'd be like living and dying at the same time.
Once it got to that point, my 'bad' tendency would show up often. Even though I understand the danger of settling everything through 'Whatever'.

Your dignity as human is over once you get to that point. I don't want that to begin with.
I just want to live this life to the end.
I'd be lying if I said I never got excited from the fantasy development.
But I never expected it to happen this frequent. Everything in moderation is best.

(I shouldn't delve deeper in this world.)

At the rate this is going, a dragon will definitely show up. Then again, giving up here would probably make it easier for me.

Someone spoke as I ruminated all that.

"Milord, we are done with the processing. Let us head into the street."

The elves saw those thugs on the same level as goblins. Too cruel a treatment, but it was a fitting end for those guys who lack strength.
No, reasoning and wisdom. They could have survived had they had the slightest bit of decency.
No guarantee though. Dying might have been preferable to them.
My conscience is getting colder by the minute here.

(I'm aware, yet I don't feel like I need to put a brake on it either... Wonder what's up with that?)

We walked on the main street and found ourselves in front of our inn before we realized.




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