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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 104

104 Spirits


"So? Wanna continue? Or run?"

I immediately talked to the remaining two. I'll give them a chance, just so there's less mess around.

"We won't give chase if you run. That will be your fates if you wanna go though."

'Hieeeee', the two ran away at full speed while screaming out pitifully.

"Well aren't they quick. Really like feeling hares."

The rabbit-substitute creatures in this world are incredibly ugly and also incredibly fast. When I was still hunting in the village, letting them escape once would be the end of it, no way to find them.
They look pitiful when running away too, just like these small time villains, pointless thought ran through my mind.

Another attempt to escape reality. I just witnessed a real life guillotine show after all.

(Ze*ogi... or maybe more like fist of n* star... way too grotesque...)

I shuddered a bit after unexpectedly bearing witness to the scene while watching them.

Serena noticed and quickly got to it.

"This smell of blood is an unpleasant company for dinner. Allow me to dispose of these."

I stopped Serena who pointed her palms at the bodies.

"Ah, wait a bit. I'm taking their money and weapons."

I rummaged through the two. My instinct broke the willies from touching the death but I endured.

"Okay I'm done. So how do you plan to dispose of them? Just leave them... guess not. I'd hate having a meal next to dead bodies."

"Milord, would it have been acceptable to carve the magic beasts if it was acceptable with these?"
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I told her my reason. It's nothing big, not at all different from what I told them before.

"We were in a hurry then, carving was a low priority. Not like we're short on money with Eltros funds. I guess in a way, 'time' was a more important resource than  'materials' to me. But the situation's changed now. We've arrived at a camping spot and can take it easy. Thus the 'waste' simply came from having more leeway."

'I see, it does make sense', Serena said that before, 'Well then', she hovered her fingers over the two bodies and then suddenly a flame blazed up. The darkening night world was dyed in orange.

"Uwooo? This is magic right? It sure is showy, just like that time with toxic pools."

"Milord, this is what is known as spirit magic."

"...Spirit huh... What's the difference?"

I'm half excited and half dejected at this deepening of fantasy-ness.

"Allow me to explain as we have meal."

That was when the flame vanished into thin air. Nothing left where it was.
No bodies or even the bones and ashes.
The surroundings are wrapped in darkness once the flame is gone.

"Hm, right. Let's take it easy. I'm hungry."





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