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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 110

110 Sinister Plot and the Victim


On the same day the information reached princess Reikana, a man in another room sips his liquor while grinning in his seat located in the same castle.

The man is Goldeuro. A prince, second in order of succession. There's a reason for his good mood.
Brought about by a report the man kneeling before him carried.

"Well done on making the schedule. You are befit of my praise. The ceremony shall now be awash with pandemonium. And I can finally end that vexatious first. The throne belongs to me and me alone."

A knight serving him added to that while nodding.

"Indeed indeed milord. None other than Goldeuro-sama has the power to be our emperor, surely the masses shall approve as well."

After which, a man with crumpled hair and a beggar-like attire spoke.
This kneeling man continued to give his report with a broad grin on his face.

"I have verified the results of my research sir. The only thing left is to engrave the 'Mark' of master on Goldeuro-sama."

"Hou, pray tell is that fact known to another soul?"

"No sir, it is as I have reported. I am proud to have you picked me and even invested on my research. There is nobody else who knows about my research besides me. All the more those who made fool of me, they will never get it."

"Wonderful! Your research truly fits my ambition, indeed. You may accept this trifling reward I prepared."

The knight who was standing next to Goldeuro has moved behind the researcher.
The man looked elated at the praise. But that face changed into utter confusion a moment later.
From a deep wound on his back. It's fatal with no hope of saving, blood gushes out of his clothes creating a pool on the floor.
As he groveled on the ground, the word that kept repeating in his head was not curses but 'Why'. That too soon got cut off. His heart was stabbed by a sword after all.

"You have outlived your usefulness. It tires me to deal with dirty filth but that too ends today. Dying at the climax of your research is surely a reward enough. Only those I deem worthy may carry the knowledge."
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The prince sipped his liquor with an air of composure as he said that.
Words that never reached the man. A nameless researcher leaves not even the record of his certain research.
Only the name Goldeuro will be left in the annals of history.

"Allow me to dispose of this garbage. Should we fetch the 'Tool' after this milord?"

"Not yet. No more than a very select few are aware of this matter. And besides the 'Key' is in my possession. No need to fret. Forget that, Dagzas, has there been any contact from that syndicate?"

The knight called Dagzas looked troubled.

"We still haven't gotten a word from our watches. Their people should have arrived by now. But there's no sign of them entering the empire yet."

"Hmph, well fine. The key part is complete. Their forces are akin to insect compared to that. Regard them as an insurance plan. No, below that."

"Indeed indeed. Those guys seem to be under a false impression that they are on the same level of 'power' to Goldeuro-sama. They looked down on us during the negotiation too. Those commoners did not even lower their head before your presence milord, unacceptable."

"What are you prattling now, Dagzas. I loathe not to act modestly with those who can be of use to me. I care not to obsess over their audacity until the time for disposal. Their usefulness remains for now."

As Goldeuro stood up and proceeded to leave the room, Dagzas asked as he followed.

"And when will be the time for their disposal, milord."

"Hmm well, once this matter is done and over with, I shall 'dismantle' them and claim their 'forces' and 'money' as my own. They are of better use for furthering the empire and my ambition. Don't you think so."

As he walked in the hallway, the prince has no idea about the demolition of that syndicate by the hand of a young man.
And how this young man will be the one responsible of smashing his ambition into pieces.




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