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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 122

122 Ominous Feeling and Magic Beast


I threw a question while we were eating.

"What's that Goldeuro guy's secret weapon supposed to be anyway? I haven't heard anything concrete. Tell me."

The princess's personal maid, Hanna, standing near the door is glaring hard at me. Looks like she doesn't like my guts, but I don't care. We'd never see each other again once this is all over anyway.

"From what we have investigated, it appears to be a 'magic beast'. We are unable to find out further. We managed to pinpoint what seemed to be their research facility once, but by the time we arrived there, it had been vacated."

I recalled the magic beast I met at the village. I beat that thing in one hit, but the magic beast this time will affect the fate of an entire country. And I have no idea how much power should I use to 'beat it up'.
I'd like to avoid collateral damage, but there's no telling how big the shock waves would end up.
I have never exerted my full strength even once, thus I'm not sure how much power should I use on that magic beast.
Heck, we don't even have a clue just how powerful this magic beast is, so there's no rehearsal.

"We predicted it's a magic beast after investigating the few remaining documents left in the facility. It's a result of consulting to as many authorities in the field as we could find."

(Ah, right, I could just ask the elves to deal with it. I mean these girls are plenty strong, not like they need me, do they?)

"Afterward, we looked into people of the empire leaving no stone unturned, but we failed to even find a hint. It would have been a simple matter had they just deployed magic beasts to bolster their ranks, but I could not shake the ominous feeling."

(Looks like they got it rough. Still wish they didn't drag me into this though. I'm not this country's citizen. Heck, I'm not even this world's.)

"...So why me? You never doubted me even once from the beginning, not even a suspicious glance, didn't you? What's the basis for such unconditional trust? Frankly speaking, that's not normal. Going so far."

This was my only chance to ask the thing that had been bugging me.

"You likely will not believe it. It's intuition."
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"...How wild is this 'intuition' of yours to not even warrant a push back from your subordinates..."

I may have destroyed a syndicate they marked, but I'm of completely unknown origin, yet she scouted and even brought me into the imperial castle. All done by the princess herself.
Her actions don't seem normal. Fantasy? Not many of that even have this kind of development.

And yet all that was driven by such an uncertain factor as the princess's 'intuition'. Her subordinates didn't stop her. Showing how highly regarded this 'intuition' is.
The deepest mystery I should be wary of is not that magic beast, but this Reikana's 'intuition'.

"A while after having that ominous feeling, the matter about you came up. At that point, I was only planning to invite you as an additional force, but the more I talk with you like this, I come to bear a reassuring feeling. Even though the ceremony is still in the future. It's all right now, I have that conviction."

(What is this, ***** in the shell? Is it like ghost whisper?)

Once we were done with our meal, the maids came in and carried the dishes away.

"We have nothing else but you to depend on this matter."

The princess lowered her head down. Even the glaring Hanna followed her. I can feel how much they had been driven into the corner.

"Got it. I'll do what I can. So lift your head. Royalties ain't supposed to lower their heads willy-nilly. Especially to a pleb like me yeah? That's bad, y'know. Your head ain't something that cheap, is it?"

Looks like I really am her last hope, the princess had a stiff expression as she bowed.

(You'd even grasp at the straw when you're drowning huh. But it really does seem like she's convinced of what's gonna happen. So curious.)

Reikana silently left the room afterward.

"Welp, time to take a bath and get some quality sleep. Can't remember the last time I had a fluffy bed."

"Tonight, attendance..."

"I don't need that stuff, seriously."

(Haven't you given up yet!?)

Instant rejection. Once I drove away the elves emanating a disappointed aura, I jumped in the bath.





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