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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 115

115 Refused and Yet


"Welcome to our establishment. Would you like a room? A meal? Or maybe both?"

This 'Earth and Sky' inn seems to double as a diner, I see other guests having meals on the tables.

"Both, is that the receptionist there?"

"Yes, please go ahead to our receptionist over there. Seven people!"

I asked for rooms at the counter.

"Two rooms for three and one single room please. Also, meals for the night and morning."

'Certainly.' then she told me the fee, but I didn't pay attention. It's money from bandits anyway, our private funds are unaffected.
Besides, I still have no clue about this world's market price, so I just gave the asked amount without question.

(Ah, I wanna take a bath, but doesn't seem like this inn has one. Guess I can't be picky.)

"I'd also like to wipe my body, can I get hot water and clean cloth in the night and morning? We're leaving to see the town after this."

"There is a surcharge for hot water, is that fine? Have a good day."

I paid extra and left for the town. The sun is still out, there's enough time to go sightseeing.
Or so I thought before two women from earlier standing next to the entrance called out to me.

"I would like to have a talk with you. May I have a bit of your time?"

The one talking is a girl whose beauty exceeds any 'human' I've come across thus far. So much so that it doesn't fall behind Serena and the other elves.

As for me though...

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"...I beg of yo--"

"No means no."

It's clear now that it's right in front of me. Trouble is coming straight at me on its own. Thus the refusal.
But my attitude seems to have irked the glasses woman, she raised her voice.

"You impudent! Mind your tongue! Do you have any idea who you are speaking to!"

"Like I know."

Her veins popped up when I quickly rebutted.
She was so enraged her mouth flapped open and shut without a word.

(I mean I don't know. What else should I say. Who even is she. Besides, I don't want to get any closer to this flag. I don't need to know since I'm not gonna get involved deeper.)

Straight to refusal without giving the other party any chance to talk.

"Stand down, Hanna. Refrain from using such language. We must keep our presence here incognito. What good raising your voice aloud would do?"

"M-my apologies. However, I simply cannot overlook this man's behavior."

I ignored the two and opened the door outside. I heard them saying, 'Ah, wait...' behind me but paid it no heed. Complete disregard. I already flat out refused with no room for interpretations.

"Alright, you girls got enough money? You can go ahead and enjoy yourselves. Take a look around wherever you want to."

"We cannot allow ourselves be apart from milord..."

"Hmm, well then, are you coming with me Serena? OK that's that, let's go."

I had a feeling things would drag on if I refused their accompaniment here, no, that'd definitely happen, so I suggested Serena by herself coming. With this there's no wasting time. It's customary by this point.
And sure enough it went as I expected. Serena nodded once. Then the other elves spread out, going around to the stores here.

(I'd have liked to be alone. But this is still better than getting enclosed around the clock.)

I tried my best to forget what happened in the inn and scanned the food stalls here.
Roasted meat wafting delicious scent.
Stores with glittering decorations.
Unknown stores selling stuff I have no clue of.

I took down the flag earlier, but I'm sure that wasn't the end of it. My hunch strongly tells me that.
I look around restlessly doing my best rural hick act in order to forget about that.

But sure enough, that hunch proved correct. It's like a flag that keeps you in an eternal loop as long as you don't proceed forward.

"I shall prepare a fitting reward if you are willing to listen. And there would be more reward if you accept my request. So please, would you be so kind as to set aside a bit of your time?"

The beauty from before is bowing at me right in the middle of the street.




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